Honoring the Cailleach – a workshop 11/22

mini Cailleach edit

This saturday we come together for a very special circle, to honor the great hag – the Cailleach. She who is the bone mother, the death bringer. A misunderstood figure as death is so necessary in order to provide regeneration and in turn life.

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 9.02.24 AM

Click on image for ‘Cailleach Bhearra’ film

She is an ancient figure, way older than the Celts. We will explore the main sites relating to her, her role as creatrix and what animals are associated with her and what insights they give to her. We’ll also explore her as the crone face of the goddess Brighid but also in her role as the great mother.

In the afternoon we will create a mini Cailleach doll and discuss how we might work with her throughout the dark months.

cailleach edit.jpg

We have a couple of spaces left, if you wish to reserve a place please email me at celticsoulcraft (at) gmail.com


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