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Eilean is from the West coast of Scotland, on a small island that looks out west to the vast Atlantic. She is a wise woman – a midwife, herbalist and healer to her people – bringing new life into this world but also helping folks make the journey back to the otherworld at the end of their lives.

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Eilean (pronounced ee-lain) is inspired by the women folk of the Isles of western Scotland. Eilean means island, or body surrounded by water. She wears a mohair shawl and scarf which fastens by a silver clasp. She walks the shoreline every day, gathering seaweed, small tufts of lichen for dying as well as small crabs and other edibles.

Her role is to inspire, be a focus of connection to the wise women and healers in our distant lineage. She can sit in a special place or adorn an altar, her basket could hold a small scroll of paper – a prayer or request, offering or gratitude.

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