Black shrines & red altars

black shrine 1 editblack shrine 2 The exploration into creating shrines continues. I really didn’t enjoy paper mache, even after sanding it wasn’t precise enough. This shrine has 3 layers o paper mache over a foam board base. I added and glued the string which is the painted gold spirals. It’s sturdy enough but I don’t like the detail. black shrine 3

I’m planning smaller dolls – maybe 3 small priestesses

I found a wonderful paper mache artist on youtube who create paper mache clay which uses builders joint compound mixed in with some other details to create an air drying clay. So materials have been gathered and this is my next experiment. In the meantime, with the need to build an altar I gathered fabric scraps and sticks, beads and shells – inspired by the full moon – or the full moon working through me. Title? The red altar, red altered…? red altar 1 edit


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