Blood Moon Sister Dolls

left edit 1Blood Moon sisters are a series of dolls that honor a women’s blood cycle and it’s moon ties.

A cycle that was once honored for the gifts it bestowed, not just the obvious fertility but the span of a month – from a time to work outwardly in the world and time she is called to the inner world. A time for listening to dreams and visions, a time to journey between the world with personal intention but also asking guidance for the community. A time to soak in this contact with the divine and create sacred art and sacred crafts.

waning moon collage

This Blood Moon Sister doll wears a waning crescent, the last crescent before the dark moon – she makes her preparations, observing within her the reactions and insights that are happening. She takes time to be by herself, to take walks and look for omens and signs. She takes time for meditation and journeying, she takes time to gaze at the night sky and realize her place in all of this. She takes time to connect to all the other women through time that pulled in this moon magic!

Name your own price

I am just beginning this series of dolls – all all that has to be woven into her in what she represents. I hope eventually to use them while working with young women around this sacred cycle – and I am offering a ‘name your own price’ – so just leave a comment below – or contact me via the contact page. I also take commissions of you are interested in a Moon Sister doll incorporating special symbols of your own meaning.

Measurements & embellishment

The Moon Sister doll featured stands 10 inches tall and 3 and a half inches wide at her base. Her necklace resembles a counting stick that women used to mark their own cycle and note the changes in the moon. Her necklace also holds a shell and a red clay bead.

Making process

This doll is made by a needle felting process. I use a barbed needle that felts the wool through hundreds of repetitive actions by hand. Once the basic core and head are completed then I add the hair, a layer of wool over the body for the dress, embellishing yarns and any specific clothing.


She ships first class with USPS with tracking (if within the USA) gift wrapped in a protective box.

* Please note as she is made of wool I advise keeping her out of the reach of pets.




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