An Intro to the Tuatha de Danann

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Sunday 06/28. 10.30-5.30pm. Woodfin (5 Mins from Downtown Asheville)


‘As a path [art making] can take us more deeply into whatever place it is our soul calls home…Through receiving and giving form to new images, we breathe life into ancient scriptures and eternal teachings…I have seen art lead each seeker to his or her own personal wisdom teachings. These personal teachings strengthen and elaborate that which we know most deeply and will lead us to new understandings o teachings we may have grown up with that no longer seem to fit’.                         Art as a Spiritual Path by Pat B. Allen


As we explore aspects of the shining people, the Tuatha de Danann (the people of the Goddess Danu) we will follow our curiosity and weave some of those elements into our doll making. We will meet in circle, each sharing a little from what aspects in the pre-reading resources resonated with us. We will consider what symbols drew us in, what images come to mind – as the Tuatha de Danann are already working on you before you even sign up for this workshop!

Our shamanic journey will lead us into the realms of the shinning people, the faery otherworld….

As we create the safe container for the day and share and explore what aspects we are drawn to as well as our experiences in the shamanic journey we will consider, as Tina Forster suggests, that the intention held while making the doll can offer the very same container and witnessing presence on a personal level.

We enter into a deeper process of doll making – our creative process will be carried out in silence (and mindful conversation around doll making), so we can go deep into the flow of the process, submerging ourselves as we co-create with the shining ones.

We will end the day by sharing our experiences in the journey and through the process of doll making – and how we might work with our dolls, and how they work with us!

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