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Deer Priestess – Click on image for full description & shop

The Deer priestess honors the ancient antlered one, the creatrix. Her lineage runs through all the deer that feature in many cultures from pre-Celtic, to Sami to the Scythians. Here the priestess is a protector of sacred space, guardian to you on your journey. This wall hanging may serve as a reminder of what she offers – hang her somewhere you can connect to her daily, or by an altar.

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The White Horse of Uffingdon – click on image for full details & store

The White Horse of Uffingdon is etched into the chalky earth on the Berkshire Downs, England. Created in the bronze Age (1200-800 BCE), it stands 110 feet tall and 365 feet long. It could have been the totem of a local tribe, who might have worshipped a horse goddess such as Epona or Rhiannon.

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Sacred art
This piece is inspired by our most ancient ancestors, and often the inspiration comes to me when I enter into the same ‘sacred space’ wither through ritual, ceremony, meditation or trance.  The stitched spirals offer a sense of movement as she guides us over the threshold into the otherworld. This wall hanging is an inspiration, a daily reminder of our connection to source/the divine.

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Wet felted, double ended dreadlocks – click on the photo for full detailsetsy


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