A Call to your Wild Self


Image by Katrina Sesum

‘She comes to us in dreams or in stories-especially stories from our own personal lives-for she wants to see who we are, and if we are ready to join her yet….. If we but look at the shadows we cast,we see that they are not two legged human shadows but the lovely shapes of a something free and wild’.  Clarissa Pinkola Estes

We have one place left on this retreat – registration closes on Monday

This Samhain we gather in sacred circle invoking the ancient Grandmothers whose blood flows in our veins. We will work with our deep intention as we enter into the dark of the year, getting a deeper insight as we explore it through:


Ancient trance posture of grandmother bear

Sacred art – doll making and creating our intention through art

Through co-creating ceremony within a circle of standing stones

intention totem edit


With each of these activities  we work with the Grandmothers, stepping further between the worlds. Gaining insight to our wild self.

On the sunday we will create a doll which will incorporate impressions and insights we have received which will honor our wild self and in age old circle we will discuss how to weave all of this into our lives.




full details and booking 2


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