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She is that instance when you smell fall on the breeze. She blows through you with a bone biting cold. She reminds us of ancestors, who if we are still enough, we can still hear their whispers. She heralds change and the call for all life to return to its roots, for there is no renewal without death.

She wears leather (which was from a deer killed, honored and skins processed by a friends family), the fur is vintage and otherwise would have been burned. I honor the poor creature whose fur this is and while I don’t advocate the use of wearing fur a percentage of this sale will go towards Animal Defenders International.

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Fall arrives in an explosion of colors, then the leaves fall and color drains from the world. She is the embodiment of winter and all the colors draining down to grey. I love the combination of grey and rust, rust the decaying the dying away of life down to it’s roots. After all everything must die in order to be reborn.

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I have spent most of my life near water and have never forgotten the song of the sea. Her tides still wax and wane in my blood. This sea witch represents the deep mystery the ocean or loch holds, which represent those parts of us we don’t often want to explore.

She wears a magical necklace with each knot representing something she will only tell you about. The pendant represents the treasures we can find when we dare to explore our dark aspects, the shells – her love of the folklore of the sea – from selkies to kelpies. Her three glass beads belong to a different era and tell tales of magical worlds beyond the veils of this world.


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