The Cailleach Course

cailleach bones

Cailleach doll by Jude lally

She existed way before people ever arrived to the northern lands. It was She who arranged the landscape, mountains perfectly balanced and lochs perfectly filled. She has no known genealogy as she is old, older than the very hills. She is the landscape, born from a primordial world.

I confess, I lied. This course isn’t an introduction to the Cailleach it is a submersion. It’s a pilgrimage, an exploration, a journey to find her roots and a rebirthing of her in our world today. You’ll travel from Ireland to Scotland visiting her sacred sites and a guided meditation & shamanic journey to take you between the worlds.

caillech altar tin

A Cailleach Traveling Altar – Altoid tin

You’ll explore the evolution of her myth and her role alongside the Goddess Brighid. We’ll pick up her trail that leads us to Old Europe and explore what this figure means to us today and how we can weave her into the fabric of our lives.

This course is an online go at your own pace course with journal prompts, guided meditations and suggestions for building an altar as you move through the course. There is also a private Facebook group where you can connect and share your experiences.


cailleach edit 1

cailleachs cauldron guided med

daughter stone Collage

The Cailleach’s daughter from Tign na cailleach, the Shrine of the Cailleach, Tign na Cailleach, Glen of the Cailleach – west of Glen Lyon, by Loch Tay – West coast of Scotland

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3 thoughts on “The Cailleach Course

  1. Reblogged this on firefly465 and commented:
    i have never heard of anything course or not which explores the Cailleach`s influence and yet she is a great influence here. For those wishing to explore the deepness of her this sounds a great course.

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