The Cailleach’s Day

cailleach mirror 1

Today, 25th March is the Cailleach’s day. The old crone’s day, the blue faced hag, the creatrix … call her what you want – she couldn’t care less.

Every 100 years on this day the old crone made her way down to the lochside to submerge herself in it’s icy waters. Yip – this date doesn’t quite fit into your neat wheel of the year – and you know, she couldn’t care less!

She was here before your wheel of the year, before Imbolc ever had a name and before Beltane ever crossed anyone’s lips. Yet the strengthening sun told us about the spring equinox and that was the signal for the old one. It happened every so slightly – she’d begin arguing with herself, shouting sometimes. For she had to let part of herself go. She had to go down to the Loch’s edge and wade in with her old aching bones and here something quite amazing happened. She let go and every cell in her renewed itself and she came out of the waters a new woman. She came out of the water a young woman. She is as old as the hills and as new as the new shoots of green grass. Old as the stones and as new as the spring buds.

She was once young and old, old and young – over and over renewing herself! And then the people came. There was the people who lived with her and she liked those people – and both lived happily together for hundreds and hundreds of years. And then appeared a new breed of people who trapped this old one. They cut her in two. They named the young one and heaped praises on her honoring her young skin and fair complexion – and as much as they loved the young one they hated the old one. They stuck her in winter with her blue face, her hairy chin and called her a useless old woman! They stopped her from going back to the Loch and things were never quite the same again.

But that’s just one version of her story – who knows the right one – only she – this bone mother and believe me when I say she couldn’t care less what one we pick!


cailleach sister

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10 thoughts on “The Cailleach’s Day

  1. She has in many ways been my favorite face of the Goddess. It was always the journeying that intrigued me. In my cronehood, I’m waiting for the journey to come to an end and then begin anew…

  2. Cailleach! what doesn’t amaze me about Her! She is all that I strive to be: Crone who doesn’t give a shit! !!!!!

  3. I responded with this message on your facebook, but just in case it needed to be posted here 🙂
    I’m my mind, regardless of which Pantheon you begin with, which Goddess is calling you, all roads lead to the labrynth that spirals down unto the depths where The Cailleach waits. I would be richly blessed and greatly honored if I were chosen to be a part of this kenning. )0(

  4. I lived her story. I can see reflections of Her Story in my life. I, too, am ageless and timeless with the wisdom of gathered experiences within this Earth Walk and others. I alsomsee Her awareness/awareness and how she transmutes challenges. It isn’t the challenge, it is how a challenge is thought of and pushed through to a higher conclusion in one way or another I have not been online much to write Blessings RuthAnne

  5. All the old stories have an old woman living in the woods, she’s feared, she’s sought for her Medicine and her knowledge, she is the fountain of all things. She is the blessed grandmother who Guards the land and teaches us our true nature. Cailleach is the mother of all, I want to evoke her in my life and be more mindfulness of all she has to share, learning from her would be a real joy.

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