The Call of Ancestral Longing


Sunday 3rd April 2016. 10.30-5.30. Woodfin, just ten mins from Downtown Asheville

As I am moving to Maine this summer Ancestral Longing is one of the last workshops I’ll be holding in Asheville, NC. 

***Just one place left ***

Have you ever experienced a longing for a place you might not be able to pinpoint on a map? A longing maybe for a time that might well dwell within the mists of time? What are these longings and who is it that sings the call?


We will gather in sacred circle and share elements of our longing. We may recall the fragments of a forgotten dream – a leaf whose color calls to us, the rich emerald green of the softest velvet or the feeling of a song or a line from a poem. We will gather our fragments together and hold them with our intentions as we move through the day.         Maybe you might even have travelled to the place that called your soul – how did it feel to be there? How to you weave elements of that experience into your life?


Sacred journey

A guided journey will take us between the worlds and with live drumming we will visit a place of our ancient mothers holding our intention close. Then we will spend time in silence reflecting on that journey and reflect in meditation, drawing and collage.

ancestral longing jd words

Soul Map

In the afternoon we will create a needle felted wall hanging – a soul map of elements and features, weaving in story and spirit of place. We might not know exactly where is calling to us but our souls will recognize the path. While all art materials are provided you may wish to bring special embellishments to add to your art piece.


Sketching my soul map of Loch Lomond


Workshop price  $85 – all materials provided









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