Silurian’s Campaign (the story of a man, his cat and an impossible plan)

Screen shot 2016-08-04 at 6.04.09 PMThe story of a man, his cat and an impossible plan

Silurian stapled the last of his posters to a tree. He stood back admiring his campaign. Picking up his placard he walked through the pulsing throng of Saturday shoppers, who stepped out of his way, perplexed as they read:


On Monday afternoon, after discussing his campaign with friends he realized that most people weren’t aware that the moon had been created out of Earth debris in the first place.

By Tuesday it dawned on his that most people didn’t care.

Wednesday while in the bath he fully realized the impractability of taking the Moon out orbit could add to the problem of where to put her.

Thursday, he woke up in the middle of the night having dreamt of a major flaw – he hasn’t thought the gravity factor through – so no more tides!

Screen shot 2016-08-04 at 6.07.01 PM


Friday night, while lying in the garden playing with the cat and watching for shooting stars he realised that there wouldn’t be any more moonit nights.

By saturday morning, which was unexpectedly warm, he visualized that with the moon so close to earth surely she would block out the sun? Silurian left the house, fought his way back through the Saturday shoppers and took down the last of his posters.

The End.


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