Sun Horse, Moon Horse. The Shamanic Horse.

horse collageSun Horse, Moon Horse

Working with the Shamanic Qualities of Horse. 21st August, Asheville, NC.

Horses have inspired us even before our ancestors drew the first horses on cave walls around 30,000 years ago. Spend a day exploring the shamanic qualities of horses – with shamanic journey, art and sharing tales of ancient preCeltic horse folklore.


This workshop explores the shamanic energies of horse as we contemplating her magic, mystery and medicine. A day to share stories about mythical horses, to explore the shamanic essence of horse and create your own piece of sacred art inspired by horse.


The pre-Celtic and the Celtic worlds offer rich ancient myths of horses from the ancient White Horse of Uffingdon, tales of Kelpies to the ancient figure of the Mari Lwyd. We will also share tales of goddesses associated with horses from the Roman Epona to the Welsh Rhiannon as well as considering the priestesses of these early horse cults.



White Horse of Uffington

horse info

In the afternoon we will create  needle felted art piece inspired by symbols, shapes, colors and messages that horse gave to us on our journey. While all art materials are provided I encourage you to bring any personal items you may wish to incorporate into your hanging.




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