The Cailleach Course – Registration is now open

It’s getting cold up there in North Dakota as the season is changing fast. We have become the media sharing posts and videos and doing what we can to help support the land and water protectors in the camps at Standing Rock.

I was all ready to get a truck full of winter clothes and items that the camps are looking for and head up to North Dakota. Small problem – I don’t drive. So we do what we can. In writing my post Invoking the Cailleach in the Fight Against the Dakota Access Pipeline with the Cailleach course ready to launch in early October registration is now open.


Half the price of the first ten sign ups will be donated to the Sacred Stone Camp.


What does the course cover?

We start off with looking at the great age o the Cailleach then take a pilgrimage to some of her sacred sites in Ireland and Scotland. We examine her changing story and look towards why that story changed in relation to the beliefs of the people. In Down to her roots we examine two cases o her folklore which take us back to the culture of Old Europe (5-4,000 BCE). FInally we take each of these threads and weave them together in exploring what is her role for today and how to we ground that in our lives.

head-bwThe course is now in it’s second year and received great reviews. 


The depths, the research, the heart, the soul, the honoring of Cailleach is formidable and powerful!   It feels you heaved a large boulder from this Great Goddess, She stood stretch her old bones and turned to grin at you for remembering and uncovering her wisdom. I thank you for remembering!  Your medicine is a gift to this world, this world that so needs to remember Cailleach!  In deepest gratitude!  Reda R

head-bwFrom the beginning, I felt a real connection to the Cailleach. She is forever a part of me, I know this now. My mother was born in Dublin and my father in Belfast. They immigrated to the US, and left the myths and stories behind. I’ve found a connection to my ancestral line through this course. I love how you are able to retain the feeling of fireside storytelling in this digital format. Wherever I was at the time, I was transported.  Mary du Plessis


full details and booking 2



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