Deer Priestess



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The great crone the Cailleach has long since washed her plaid in her cauldron, the whirlpool of Corryvrecken. This ancient Samhain ritual marks our descent into the dark of the year. We enter into our caves – gathering firewood and books, songs and friends while the outside world tempts us with shiny things. We need the dark and follow the guide of the plants and trees by returning our energies to our roots for this inner time. A time to work with those things we’d rather ignore for a few more decades – so this time in the dark is our invitation to begin the work that needs to be done. To sink our energies down to the roots, to the bones of our ancestors and travel between the worlds to ask their advice and share that advice with others as we sit in circle around the fire.  or we come from an antlered culture, we are the daughters of the priestesses of the old antlered one. It’s on this cold nights with stars shining bright like maps above us in the dark inky sky that we hear the song of those foremothers racing in our blood and know it’s knitted into our very bones. We bone sisters share those stories and songs in circle and weave balance back into the world – for we come rom a culture that remembers a very different way of life, one we keep in mind that drives our work that we do in this world to restore balance.

I’m launching some ‘made to order’ antlered priestess items in my shop. These take around 3 weeks to make – they’re not christmas presents but sacred gifts to inspire us daughters of the great antlered one in a world that suddenly seems to be gripped by an unhealthy darkness!call-1-edit

She Who Calls the Deer (Needle felted doll)

She Who Calls the Deer is calling to our primal selves, the wild woman our culture tries to make us forget, suppress. She is the wise woman and female shaman and she mirrors the wise woman and shaman in you. You are after all a living breathing integral part of nature. She is a celebration of that and of all the mystery in it’s cawing, wriggling, soaring, swimming, dancing gloryelen-collageClick on image above to view in online shop

Elen of the Ways

Elen of the Ways is an ancient British shamanic folklore figure. Elen wears antlers, which female deer do not have although female Reindeer do which links her back to the early people who followed the reindeer herds from Europe over to the UK before the great ice sheets melted and created the North Sea and resulted in Britain becoming an island.

Elen is the ancient Deer Goddess, an archetype of the land. The deer followed the ‘plods’ their tracks which ran along leylines. Elen offers insight into other worlds, to see between the worlds.


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The Old Dark One

The Old Dark One has been around since the beginning of time, if not before. She resides in folklore and myth, living with one foot in the shadows of this world and the underworld of the otherworld. The threads weaving in and out of her antlers represent the threads that link us to everything else in this world – a reminder of the power of where we put out focus.
Doll making is an ancient tradition. Pulling the energy of the female divine from the otherworld into this world through the form of a doll. She can be a powerful focus, a spiritual reminder for an altar or significant place in your home.



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The Deer Priestesses

She stands in the forest under a full moon with her staff and all the energies of the forest – including fly agaric, which were sacred to the Celts. She honors the Deer Goddess, the great antlered one, the creatrix. Her lineage runs through all the deer that feature in many cultures from pre-Celtic, to Sami to the Scythians. She is a protector of sacred space, guardian to you on your journey. This wall hanging may serve as a reminder of what she offers – hang her somewhere you can connect to her daily, or by an altar.


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Deer Priestesses – Oval wall hanging

The Deer priestess is a protector of sacred space, standing with her staff under a full moon. She is the guardian to you on your journey. This wall hanging may serve as a reminder of what she offers – hang her somewhere you can connect to her daily, or by an altar. With her antlered pendant she invokes the deer Goddess, one of the earliest deities.

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