Grounding with the Wise Woman

Doll Making & Stone Medicine

Imbolc Retreat

East Asheville Fri 2/3 7-9.30pm & Sat 2/4 10am – 5.30pm

biddies-crossImbolc is the festival of the Celtic Goddess Brighid the ancient Mother Goddess of Ireland yet it can also be described as the feelings of unease and uncertainty that often arrive at this time of year. Our current political climate and the current state of affairs on this planet could be seen as embodying the feeling of Imbolc.

In this weekend retreat we will explore two main tools in staying grounded, rooted and nourished through stones which support our journey throughout the wheel of the year and making a traditional Brideog doll. Tools which both have an ancient lineage found in the woven baskets of the Wise Woman.




In this Weekend Retreat We Will be Exploring: 

Imbolc Traditions

Several traditions around Imbolc – from protective prayers we can cast in times of feeling uneasy to traditional songs and carrying out the tradition of laying out the Bhrat – cloth for Brighid to bless (which we will do on the friday night). We’ll also exploring our intentions through Brighid’s Wheel (cross) discuss how to work with your Brideog doll as well as guided meditations & shamanic journey.


Stone Medicine

Explore the basics of what stone medicine is and how the stone pack you receive can support you throughout the year as well as meditations in relating to the energies of the stones we are working with. We will also incorporate stone medicine into our doll making.





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