An Invitation to an Island on the Edge of the World….


Retreat Invitation and Work Trade Opportunity

I am a woman of thresholds, places which by their very nature aren’t easily defined. Thresholds mark the edge of once place and the beginning of another yet they contain both.

This may was the first Ancestral Mothers of Scotland retreat to an island just off the West Coast of Scotland. It’s a remarkable island in its political history as well as its ancient history.  It is also an island on the edge, which becomes very apparent at twilight. Scottish summers are blessed with long lingering twilights – a magical time that birthed the spirituality of the land. As twilight paints the land in her magical glow faces appear in the landscape and you feel as if you’re between the worlds.

This little island is called the Island of the Big Women and holds tales of mythical women, Amazons and Wise Women. The land has a wonderful way of talking to each of us in our most secret language.

Summer can be so overwhelming; we’re bogged down by all the baskets we’re carrying of endless things to. For me this overwhelmingness stretches on way past summer solstice spilling over and sprawling our beyond Lughnasadgh. I’m stung out, overwhelmed then at some point (for it happens every year) something dramatic happens, a reminder that jolts me out of my never ending cycle to say change is on the way. This year it was seeing a plastic sheep skull in the fabric store. I stood still grateful for the reminder and dropped my literal basket and took a deep breath grateful of the reminder that the only thing that is constant is change!  Each night now as I listen to the owl calling and I soak in every aspect of this time as we move into the threshold. I can feel the very first of that call for everything to return to it’s roots, and invitation which extends to us humans too!

And as we begin the journey into the deep and the chance to dream with bear over the dark months I invitation you to our 2018 women’s retreat to Eigg. A pilgrimage which offers the experience of stepping into your own personal threshold – the opportunity to step into your wild self and communicate with the land and the Ancestral Mothers in the language of ritual and ceremony, in the language of the the sea, birds and the sky and with the language of creativity.

Worktrade Position

We also have a work trade position in exchange for any women who would like to run the kitchen on the retreat – full details on the website. 


Launch Celebrations – Giveaway 

To celebrate the launch of the retreat we are holding two great giveaways. From the ‘Seal Singer’, a Brighid and Cailleach mini Altoid travel altars, a set of prayer beads and a free place on the online Cailleach course. We are also offering a free mini Ancestral Mothers of Scotland online course which launches mid september.

Click here to sign up for the online course and add your name to the draw!


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