Join the Faery Allies Conversations – Free

Come join us for a free event with lots of different speakers discussing their relationship with the Sidhe (Faeries). Growing up in a household which was half Irish and half Scottish there was lots of tales of the Good Folk and of course ‘do’s’ and ‘dont’s’ when concerning them.  This telesummit is a series of conversations with 20 featured presenters so there is something for everyone.

Why the Conversation?

The theme is about building a relationship between ourselves and the Sidhe, our Faery Allies. I’m looking forward to listening to them all and learn a thing or two when seen from a different perspective.

My Talk

I shall be discussing growing up in a Scottish/Irish household and the ritual and traditions of the Sidhe from when I was a child – from the custom of putting silver in a baby’s pram, to clootie trees and stories of friends who really did hear the scream of the Banshee!

It’s very important to consider what you call then and this will be another aspect i’ll be discussing.

As an artist and writer by relationship with the Good Folk has used the language of creativity and I’ll also be talking about grounding in your own heritage and tradition and considering our relationship through ritual as we move around the Wheel of the Year.

How It Works

Click on the Sign Up button below to register- there’s absolutely no cost to attend. If you can’t attend the talks as they go out live you’ll have access to each replay for 48 hours. Each call will be like a mini-class with guided meditations and good conversations. You can listen to the calls online, by phone, or via a mobile device, and free 48-hour replays
will allow you to listen at your convenience. The telesummit runs from Tuesday October 16- until Saturday 27th for two one-hour calls every weekday. A wonderful opportunity to put your feet up over a cup of tea and listen to inspiring conversations.



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