Pagan Prayer Beads

‘My beads have become constant companions as I go through the day‘, A. Harrison

Last night under a waxing full moon I happened to be creating a moonstone set of prayer beads. The beads are some of the nicest  I’ve worked with (and one of my favorite). They aren’t the usual perfect spherical beads but are a ‘gibbous’ moon shape, not quite full.

In a time of so much uncertainty I find myself reaching for the beads as they are an invitation to quiet the mind. My fingers pick up the rhythm of moving around the wheel of beads. Each prayer bead set is made up from eight sections representing the holydays of the wheel with a threshold bead between each section.

Threshold is one of my favorite words alongside liminal, edge walking…either will do. I especially enjoy observing the times between the holydays for they can be a new unexpected ground found between both. Depending on how we are and our outlook we can find undiscovered worlds in the thresholds. Each set of prayer beads weaves in a little of the magic of the season they were born in.

There will be new prayer beads in the coming weeks but get in touch if you want to sign up for a custom order set (antler, bear, wolf or selkie and a choice of beads). Get in touch here

Moonstone Antler Prayer Beads



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