Ancestral Longing and a Search for Home

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A Spiritual Longing

Have you ever experienced a longing for a place you’ve never been? A place you might not be able to pinpoint on a map? A longing for a time that might well dwell within the mists of time?

Come join us on the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland retreat on the Isle of Eigg in May 2018. With a circle of like minded women we will hear the stories of the Ancestral Mothers, visit their sacred sites and connect to them with gestures of ritual & ceremony, creativity and art. You’ll leave with a deeper sense of your own Ancestral path and stronger roots to support you in the work you do in the world on a pilgrimage created to rewild your imagination!

Click above to take the free Ancestral Mothers of Scotland mini online course

Free Mini Ancestral Mothers of Scotland Online Course

If you’d like to learn a little more about the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland check out our free mini online course – which also gives you a voucher towards the retreat price.

Worktrade Position

If your a cook we’re also offering a work trade for anyone who would like to run our kitchen (full details on the website – applications close 11/30) 


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