Samhain Bundle

What are Bundles?

Imagine a great bundle of kindling to light the woodstove one early morning but instead it was a bundle to warm you as the days grow short and the night grow long. These seasonal little bundles are a collection of gifts for you that weave in some myth and inspiration of the season.

The Samhain bundle taps into the Cailleach fully moving into her power – you’ll get a little vial of water from the Stream of the Cailleach as well as two Cailleach greeting cards. 
The bear only walks in Scotland now in spirit – I wonder if my feet have ever crossed where her footprints once walked.

Along with a pair of Grandmother Bear earrings there is an invitation to step into the cave of the Grandmother and dance with these ancient bear women.

There is also a fun art project and you’ll receive a mookaite stone.  Running Water (the Aboriginal meaning of mookaite) is an ancient grandmother. She wears a cloak of earthy red, ochre with has a sheen of burnt yellow and burgundies. She carries a torch which shines on our inherited patterns helping illuminate those which aren’t healthy. She is old, 125 million years old and she helps us connect to ancient knowledge buried in our own cells whatever our linage is.

Click below to read full details of what’s in the Samhain bundle and to purchase.


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