Win a Place on the Cailleach Course

Come take a journey exploring the most ancient female figure of Scotland and Ireland. The Cailleach is so old she has no known geneology and can remember back to when the ocean was a forest.

In this 5 session course we explore the great age of the Cailleach, visit  Irish and Scottish sacred sites. We will hear stories of the old cone, explore the roots of her folklore as well as considering her relevance for us today. The course has guided meditations and otherworldly journeys as well as a session by session step to building your Cailleach altar.

Instructions to Entry the Draw:

  1. To be in the draw please comment with your name and a couple of words on why you’d like to win
  2. Either on this post or on the Celtic Soul Craft facebook page
  3. Share this post and tag a friend or two who might be interested (if you’ve already taken the course and you win you can gift it to a friend).

Winner will be picked on Friday 10/27

Congratulations to Becky Kenny from London who was our winner – this is a course you can also take at your own page

Click here for full details & booking




One thought on “Win a Place on the Cailleach Course

  1. Hello there. Thank you for offering this course! I would like to participate because I am on a journey to reconnect with my Motherline, which runs through western Ireland. Having just moved and started a new job, I am unable to pay for the course at this time, so it would be a blessing to win the drawing. If not, I will be sure to check out the course when it comes around again! Blessings at this fall/spring time of the year!

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