Reindeer Dreaming, Mist and Sea Inspired Prayer Beads

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Misty Island Prayer Beads

These prayer beads are inspired by the wonderful blankets of mist that often lay heavy on the earth and can leave you feeling as if you are a little between worlds. I enjoy those days watching the mist lift and then return which allows you to feel hidden, wrapped in a misty cloak where the everyday landscape appears completely different. The beads feature hematite stone which while we may feel between the worlds a little with mist’s inspiration the metallic stone keeps us completely grounded and shielded by her protection.

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Reindeer Dreaming Prayer Beads

These mystic aura quartz beads are an inspiration of the northern lights dancing in a sky of the waning moon. They shine down on a long gone Scottish landscape where reindeer once roamed. The grey hematite stone keeps us securely grounded as we dream and journey with those long gone foremothers who led their people in following the great herds. I wonder do the reindeer of the reintroduced herd which roams the Cairngorm mountains ever meet their ancient ancestors or find their hooves taking ancient old trackways.

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Scottish Island Prayer beads

Bloodstone is found a few places around the world and the small Scottish island of Rum is one of them. It was a prized stone to the earliest visitors who used the stone to fashion into axe heads and other tools. This green/blue form of bloodstone symbolizes the wonderful sea green hues of the waters off Scottish beaches. Some of these islands hold place names related to a mythic race (or not so mythic) race of ‘Big women’ said to inhabit Eigg (the island beach I’m standing on as I took the photo of the Isle of Rum in the photos featured) has a Gaelic name of Eilean nam Ban Mora – translating as Isle of the Big Women. This prayer bead set holds the magic and mystery of these women, their Scottish heritage as well as the spirit of the deer (which are numerous on the Isle of Rum) as well as the last frayed tatters of stories of an ancient Scottish Deer Goddess.



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