Welcome, Brighid!

Brighid has returned to the world. It is not yet spring but it is the very first stirrings of spring. The Cailleach isn’t finished yet – there are far more cycles of ice and snow still to come. The Cailleach isn’t angry nor does she fight with Brighid – both were born into different era’s and it is we humans who weave their stories together and pit them against one another. Both are dance partners on the wheel and at Imbolc they begin the slow shift, the change of partners that allows Brighid to lead the dance yet the Cailleach doesn’t leave she is still very much in the world.

How do you celebrate Imbolc and bring Brighid back into the world?

Weaving Brighid’s Protection

How do you weave Brighid into your life? Weaving Brighid’s Protection is a course which offers a guide to several of Brighid’s ways of insight and healing and protection that you can adapt and bring into your life in ways as simple or as engaged as you wish.


Celtic Soul Beads

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The pink of the adventure beads is symbolic of the first rays of Imbolc light, it’s not yet spring but the new light carries Brighid’s blessings as she ‘breathes life into the mouth of the dead Winter’.

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These Goddess Brighid prayer beads work with the partnership of the stone medicine rose quartz and moonstone offer. Rose quartz is just the stone we need at Imbolc – it’s a fragile time to this powerful stone works in a soothing and gentle way, protecting our heart and allowing us to be tender with ourselves.

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Brighid is known for her mantle which had magical qualities. It is a healing cloak that offers great comfort when it’s wrapped around you. The rich green of these jade beads is a symbol of the deep greens of the land and green jade offers us calming and healing qualities just as our deep relationship with the land does. This set of prayer beads offer working with the magic of Brighid’s mantle wrapped around us and the stone medicine of drawing courage from that protection and the confidence to face whatever it is we need to face in our lives while we remain grounded.



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