Ancestral Mothers of Scotland Retreat


Join us for a ten-day retreat to a rather special Scottish island whose name means Isle of the Big Women.

We will hear stories of the Big Women – from the Ancestral Mothers – The Cailleach, Brighid, Clutha, the old Antlered One as well as tales of Amazons and Celtic warriors.

We’ll make a doll inspired by one of the Ancestral Mothers who inspires you

These ten days offer you an opportunity to sink down deep, to walk the land and offer gestures of ritual at the Well of the Holy Women, the Hill of the Cailleach and stand in the waters of the Loch of the Big Women.

At the Well of the Holy Women

We’ll wade in clear water on white sand beaches, gaze up at towering mountains and watch as the landscape becomes even more alive at twilight. We’ll dance to the drum and move between the worlds to ask the wisdom of these ancient foremothers.

We’ll share our stories of our rewilding on these lands in circle and weave our insights into form through doll making, creating sacred maps on land which is at the furthest edge of Europe.

Creating sacred maps through drawing, sewing with natural items

We’ll meet local women in a song group, meet wild and spirited sheep, listen to birdsong which all go towards leaving our time on the island with our roots replenished, our souls rewilded and our selves inspired through our time with the Ancestral Mothers.





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