Spring Equinox Workshop

Around the world, the balance of night and day which happens twice a year at spring and autumn equinoxes is played out by great mysteries such as the story of Persephone and Demeter. The first emergence story was that of the bear, she who went into hibernation around the autumn equinox, slept through the dark months to awaken again at Spring Equinox. This is a time on the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland wheel of the year which explains the bear’s emergence, her relationship with Brighid and why the Cailleach’s day is 3/25, all stories we will explore on this day workshop.

Grandmother doll

Throughout the dark months of winter, the bear has slept in her cave, the Cave of the Grandmothers. Women throughout the ages have journeyed to this cave to ask the guidance of the Bear grandmothers

To celebrate the Spring Equinox we will take an otherworldly journey to the Cave of the Grandmothers as the bear prepares for her emergence back into the world. 

  • Sharing bear stories & the story of the Goddess Brighid as Bear
  • Explore the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland Wheel of the Year
  • Guided journey
  • Art, collage & writing
  • Instructions on needle felting
  • Weaving intentions into your doll & how to work with dolls
  • Creating Grandmother dolls – all materials provided

We’ll make a grandmother doll from a stick or sticks. Your doll will be a talisman of what you are taking from the dark of the year and mark what you wish to leave behind. These are dolls which you can hang outside or hang from a wall and act as a reminder that whatever the time of year you can return back to the Cave of the Grandmothers to ask for their advice.






2 thoughts on “Spring Equinox Workshop

  1. Ah, Jude, I would love to join. But I will be on an island off the BC coast (very doubtful web access) and will have to vision my own bear. I would love to access any Brighid/Bear readings before I go. Suggestions? Thanks, Farren >

  2. Hi Farren,

    Love that part of the world – I once got to travel to Vancouver Island then up the coast to the Kamloops. There is an essay I wrote about Brighid as bear which you can access here: https://celticsoulcraft.com/resources-4/bear-mother/

    If you sign up to the mailing list you’ll hear of anything else plus there is the Sisterhood of the Antlers where there will be a guided meditation (all links here on the website).



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