The Witches and Deer Hag Stones

The Deer Stone

The deer stone was found tied onto an ancient antler. The antler was carried by a line of ancient priestesses who honored the great antlered one, which some call Elen of the Ways. Who knows why the antler was buried but the stone has told me that it is ready to be worn again, to be used by one who also honors the great antlered one. It offers and insight and guidance to work and learn with Elen.

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The Witches Stone

This is a curious little stone, said to be owned and worn by a local witch. It was found in a nest tucked away in the middle of a hedgerow. How did it get there? Hedgerows of Britain are often very ancient, some hundreds of years old. They are a wonderful metaphor of the boundary between the worlds, one one side the cultivated everyday while they offer a continuation of the wild with all the plants, birds and little creatures which play out their lives within the hedgerow. This stone offers a powerful ally in journeying between the worlds and an invitation to work with the ancient energies of the land.

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Celtic Soul Prayer Beads

Both stones are offered as the focal point for a set of Celtic Soul Prayer beads where you have the unique opportunity to select the gemstones used. The prayer bead set will be created in ceremony just for you. Click on any image to view in the shop


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