She Who Follows the Herds

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I had an interesting experience while creating this doll – as I built up the layers of wool I had this image of creating a landscape of adding layers of soil and as I added her layers of clothes I was creating the all the layers of an ecosystem.

The inspiration for this doll was born in a time of ice, a time when great herds of reindeer crossed from mainland Europe across the to Britain, a time when Britain wasn’t an island. She was there with the first herds and the people who then followed the herds. The wise women of these clans were the women who went into trance to contact this Great Mother of the herds to ask for a sign of where to find the herds and in ritual gave thanks for using them for food, shelter, for sacred objects and clothing.


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The female reindeer, like the male, grows antlers. She is the leader of the herd, following the ancestral deer trods over the land that her mother led the herd on and her mother before that – stretching back thousands of years.
There is an ancient connection between women and these female reindeer – one which has been honored and respected. Even today many women see the wisdom in this great Mother of the Herds, they search out her knowledge, dream of their foremother’s rituals and ceremonies.

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