Weaving Brighid’s Protection (New online course)

A new online course offering several ways to weave Brighid into your life. With creative projects such as two step-by-step guides to making a Brideog doll and simple instructions on how to make a Brighid’s cross.

Lots of ideas help you to weave a tradition into your life in meaningful ways.

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New Goddess Brighid Prayer Beads

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The Goddess Brighid is a fire Goddess. When she was born it was reported that flames were leaping from the roof of her house. The uniqueness of Brighid’s fire is that is a fire of compassion rather than a flame that burns. The main carnelian stone of this prayer bead set represents Brighid’s fire for the stone holds a medicine of inspiring creativity and motivation.

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Brighid is known for her mantle which had magical qualities. It is a healing cloak that offers great comfort when it’s wrapped around you. This blue/green form of African Bloodstone offers the same qualities of all bloodstone, which are all a form of Jasper, which helps us in nourishing our roots allowing us to feel more comfortable in our own body.
This set of prayer beads offer working with the magic of Brighid’s mantle wrapped around us and the stone medicine of drawing courage from that protection and the confidence to face whatever it is we need to face in our lives while we remain grounded.

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The pink of the adventurine beads is symbolic of the first rays of Imbolc light, it’s not yet spring but the new light carries Brighid’s blessings as she ‘breathes life into the mouth of the dead Winter’.

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New Brighid online courses launching this week: 

Weaving Brighid’s protection

Creative Imbolc Ideas

Breejah’s Daughters – Exploring the path of bear, Goddess and Mary of the Gael

Goddess Brighid Prayer Beads

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Goddess Brighid prayer beads with carnelian and moonstone and Brighid pendant.
The Birth of Celtic Soul Prayer Beads

I’ve always felt the steady rhythm of beads moving through your fingers comforting as they introduce a regularity, a heartbeat which calms my racing mind. From Catholic Rosary beads as a child or in later years rounds of mala beads provided this route yet neither fitted as they weren’t of my tradition. The Celtic Paidirinean with its 150 beads was a little too large I was inspired to create my own Celtic Soul Craft Prayer Beads.

My Tradition

Celtic Soul beads are born from my tradition, which involves a deep communication with the land and a relationship with the ancestral energies of that place. My culture is a circle culture, which stretches back through generations of wise women, of women who knew the thresholds of life and death and carried the stream of their ancestor’s voices. Ancestors who were weavers, drummers and singers – women versed in herbalism, stone medicine and doll making, women whose language was ritual and ceremony, women who danced between the worlds.


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Goddess Brighid Prayer Beads with rose quartz, moonstone and hematite

Goddess Brighid prayer beads weave in many threads of Brighid’s inspiration – from the rich blue/green of her mantle and of Hebridean waters to her fire aspect as well as the transformation she offers and the symbolism of snake.


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Goddess Brighid Prayer Beads with jade and moonstone


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Goddess Brighid Prayer beads in hematite and carnelian with Brighid’s wheel and snake pendants

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Breejah’s Daughters. Imbolc Retreat

Friday 2nd February 7pm – 9.30pm. Saturday 3rd February 10.30 – 5.30pm. East Asheville, NC

I’m sure this is no surprise that the days after Winter Solstice and before Imbolc are sometimes the darkest days of the year. With the solstice, we celebrated the rebirth of the sun and yet as the days grow longer we seem to be plunged into a deeper darkness.

This Imbolc we journey on three paths in exploring the great Goddess Brighid: the path of Bear, Goddess and Mary of the Gael. Wither you have a relationship with Brighid or you’d like to learn more throughout this retreat we will explore three specific aspects of Brighid. With bear, we travel back to the paleolithic and explore the cave of the Grandmothers, with Brighid as Goddess we explore her fire aspect, her qualities as midwife, keening, her qualities of transformation as well as Imbolc traditions of laying out of the Brat (fabric) and the Brideog doll. In Mary of the Gael, we explore a pagan figure overlapped with a Celtic Christianity and explore Brighid as fostermother to Christ and look into how people wove these traditions into their daily life through prayers and charms.

With time for reflection and time to wander in the grounds this retreat weaves in some Imbolc traditions as well as learning about these different facets of Brighid. On booking, you’ll receive a pre-workshop email pack which includes links to a Brighid documentary and articles including published articles by Jude.

Imbolc flyer.jpg

Weekend Itinerary

Friday Evening – Path of the Bear

We will explore the path of the bear, looking at the related folklore and take a guided journey to the Cave of the Grandmothers. We will perform our first Imbolc tradition in laying out our Brat Bhride (cloth for Brighid to bless) in our candlelight vigil.

Saturday – Honoring Brighid the Goddess

We will gather in the morning in circle to welcome Brighid back to the world. Collecting our cloth with its precious dew we will also learn a song in Gaelic to welcome her as well as making Brighid’s crosses (wheels) on which to write our blessings and personal notes.

Brideog Doll

Saturday Afternoon – Exploring Mary of the Gael

We will decorate a premade Brideog doll – you may wish to use some of your brat fabric to fashion a cloak for your doll. All materials will be provided to decorate your doll – from hair, wool for the dress as well as a small Brighid’s Wheel and embellishments. You are encouraged to bring your own embellishments that have personal meaning for you.

In our ending circle, we will welcome Brighid into the world using our doll and share ways to weave Brighid into our lives.

Retreat Highlights: 

Small intimate circle of Brighid women

Guided journey to the Cave of the Grandmothers

Brat Bhride ritual

Welcoming Brighid Ceremony

Creating a Brideog doll & protection brooch

Ceremony to welcome Brighid with your Brideog doll

Plus free online course on Brighid’s Protection

Pre-retreat reading pack

Your Facilitator

Jude gained her MSc masters degree in Human Ecology at the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, Scotland)  in partnership with the Center for Human Ecology, with her thesis entitled ‘Fire in the Head, Heart and Hand. A Study of the Goddess Brighid as Goddess Archetype and her Relevance to Cultural Activists in Contemporary Scotland’.


Retreat Highlights: 

Small intimate circle of Brighid women

Guided journey to the Cave of the Grandmothers

Brat Bhride ritual

Welcoming Brighid Ceremony

Creating a Brideog doll & protection brooch

Ceremony to welcome Brighid with your Brideog doll

Plus free online course on Brighid’s Protection

Pre-retreat reading pack


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The Eye of the Reindeer


Eye of the Reindeer. Photo by Sergey Gavrilov

Have you ever looked deep into the eyes of a reindeer? It’s like a magical mirror. First you glimpse the tundra and everything the reindeer sees, but when you look deeper, you can see so much more – some people even see omens. It changes you, looking into a reindeer’s eye‘. Taken from ‘The Eye of the Reindeer’ by Eva Weaver. 

It’s the dark of the year and although we mark the rebirth of the sun in the dark days of late December and on into January towards Imbolc often feels like we are plunged into an ever deeper darkness.

As much as I have prepared for the darkness, beginning my descent at Autumn Equinox I’ve experienced a darker edge to this darkness. This is hardly surprising when you consider all that is unfolding in the world around us yet unfamiliar to me as I like the dark, I often crave the dark which isn’t too surprising as I am the daughter of a woman who willingly shut herself in dark closets when she was a kid  just for the comfort it gave her. This year more than any other I find myself overwhelmed and really needing some rest – to which I question do we really know how to nurture ourselves and find ways of bringing us towards restorative rest past sitting down and watching a film?

Winter Solstice fire offering

I find ritual one way to restore myself. To counteract that deep darkness I’ve tried to dream a little longer, danced just a little more furiously and ran further when I shapeshift from my human form and across the worlds to run with the reindeer herd.

Through the Eye of the Reindeer

It’s been wonderful to see people embracing the roots of the female reindeer of Northern European traditions and yet sometimes I find it ridiculous to have a connection to an animal that only my ancestors had.  An animal I’ve never met or touched even and yet has haunted me in visions and dreams since I was little.

Last night the half moon has a remarkable ring around it, like a dark pupil only half lit up. I felt watched by this great crone eye as she looked down on the planet. She is the eye of winter, an inspiration for us to focus on our own dark int he winter. she offers a stillness in the frost, a shushing of traffic and all the frenzy of consumerism.


My reindeer skin drum

The drum is a portal, a great eye of sorts. When I pick it up and the heartbeat of the reindeer begins to beat again, my very being is soothed by traveling between the worlds and journeying with the herd.

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And in these dark days of the Solstice, I came across the most wonderful book ‘The Eye of the Reindeer’ by Eva Weaver. A book that fed all the parts of me needed feeding!

‘People are afraid of the drums these days, but there’s nothing to fear. The drum reminds us of many things: the sacred heart of the reindeer, a baby’s heartbeat and its mother’s, the earth’s beating heart and our own. many stories have been woven into the drums and I you listen carefully, they will reveal themselves. Drums are alive, they carry the heartbeat of the world back to us’. 

Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Ritva is sent away to Seili, an island to the south of Finland. A former leper colony, Seili is now home to ‘hopeless cases’ – to women the doctors call mad. But Ritva knows she doesn’t belong there. As biting winter follows biting winter, she longs to be near to her sister, and wonders why her father ever allowed her to be taken to this desolate place.

Hope arrives in the form of Martta, a headstrong girl who becomes Ritva’s only friend. Martta is a Sami, from the north. All through her childhood, Ritva’s mother told her wonderful Sami legends and tales – of Vaja the reindeer, the stolen sealskin, of a sacred drum hidden long ago. When Ritva and Martta decide to make their escape, this is where they will head.

So begins an odyssey over frozen sea and land towards a place where healing and forgiveness can grow. This is a story about friendship, about seeing the world through a different perspective, and the stories and tales that can make up a life.





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