Weaving the Protection of Brighid

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This is a weeks course ($35) which is a go at your own pace course offered in partnership with Mother House of the Goddess (ie Goddess Ink publishers)

The course explores several customs of Brighid which offer protection. We explore their origins, journal prompts are invitations to explore your own feelings as well as suggestions in incorporating these age old rituals into your life.

The course explores her rites of making her wheel or cross, smooring the fire, charms, augury and clooties. There are also prompts in getting to know Brighid through creating a Brighid altar and a guided meditation which takes you back to a very early form of Brighid.



imbolc 2016 Collage

Making Brideogs & a Clootie prayer tree. Imbolc 2016


2 thoughts on “Weaving the Protection of Brighid

    • Hi,

      This course is due to be launched very soon – I’m offering it with the publishers Goddess Ink. If you sign up with ‘Celtic Soul Circle’ here on the blog (under school) I’ll let folks know when it’s ready.

      Many thanks,


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