Celtic Soul Prayer Beads

Lotus Jasper Antler Prayer Beads – sold
‘My beads have become constant companions as I go through the day‘, A. Harrison

‘Powerful and beautiful soul practice tools. Working these beads through my hands I can feel the strength, love and intention in their creation and I’m so grateful that they have come to me. Thank you for your incredible work in the world and on this rosary’. L Blinn

I received the prayer beads today, and the are beautiful – thank you again for crafting something so powerful and full of medicine and magic. Jane V.
I’ve always felt the steady rhythm of beads moving through your fingers comforting. When growing up I would have a collection of ‘borrowed’ rosary beads although that faith never quite fitted. Then there was mala’s journeyed with a mantra – but then that was also a borrowed from a different faith. While I am vaguely familiar with the Celtic Paidirinean that’s also a little out of reach. So I decided to combine my love of beads, and keeping my fingers busy and my mind somewhat subdued with figures from my tradition to create Celtic Soul Craft Prayer Beads. These beads are rooted in a tradition stretching back through generations of wise women, of women who knew the thresholds of life and death, women who carried the stream of their ancestors voices. These women are shaman, weavers, singers and part of the same circle culture that I am of. They are women versed in herbalism, stone medicine and doll making, ritual and ceremony and dancers between the worlds.
Anlter Prayer Beads with Dendritic Opal
Bone Mother beads

How to Use Celtic Soul Prayer Beads

There are many ways to read your beads. The circle they form is the circle of life and as part of my morning ritual, or whenever I need them I eel myself breathing into this circle. Just that thought and repetitive breath is often all I need to centre and drop my roots down deep into the day.
These beads have eight sections corresponding to the eight holydays of the Wheel of the Year, each section has a divider, a marker on the threshold of bordering holidays. The beads begin with the pendant and then three beads which lead to the biggest bead on the set – the mystery bead. The mystery bead invites us to consider the mystery that exists in all things and is the source of everything. Moving on from the mystery bead you enter into the sacred circle of the beads and begin the journey around the wheel of the circle in a sun wise direction.  You may follow the beads with your own mantra or use them as a comfort when holding a thought or no thought in meditation as your fingers move you through the Wheel of the Year.
Antler Prayer Beads with Serpentine Jade
Full details of options of how to work with the bead are included when you purchase a set of Celtic Soul Prayer beads inviting you to find a way that is most suited to your personal needs.
Antler Prayer Beads with Rhodonite
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