Ancestral Longing and a Search for Home

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A Spiritual Longing

Have you ever experienced a longing for a place you’ve never been? A place you might not be able to pinpoint on a map? A longing for a time that might well dwell within the mists of time?

Come join us on the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland retreat on the Isle of Eigg in May 2018. With a circle of like minded women we will hear the stories of the Ancestral Mothers, visit their sacred sites and connect to them with gestures of ritual & ceremony, creativity and art. You’ll leave with a deeper sense of your own Ancestral path and stronger roots to support you in the work you do in the world on a pilgrimage created to rewild your imagination!

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Free Mini Ancestral Mothers of Scotland Online Course

If you’d like to learn a little more about the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland check out our free mini online course – which also gives you a voucher towards the retreat price.

Worktrade Position

If your a cook we’re also offering a work trade for anyone who would like to run our kitchen (full details on the website – applications close 11/30) 


An Introduction to the Cailleach – an invitation


The great Hag extends a boney hand – an invitation to take a journey with the oldest figure of pre-Celtic myth.

In this course we will explore:

  • Her Great Age
  • Pilgrimage to 3 Irish and 4 Scottish of her sacred sites
  • Examine why her story has changed over time
  • Explore her folklore looking for clues of her origins
  • Consider her role for our times

Through the Eye of the Cailleach

With art, altar building (step by step each week), guided meditations and community to explore your insights, thoughts and inspiration….

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Pagan Prayer Beads

‘My beads have become constant companions as I go through the day‘, A. Harrison

Last night under a waxing full moon I happened to be creating a moonstone set of prayer beads. The beads are some of the nicest  I’ve worked with (and one of my favorite). They aren’t the usual perfect spherical beads but are a ‘gibbous’ moon shape, not quite full.

In a time of so much uncertainty I find myself reaching for the beads as they are an invitation to quiet the mind. My fingers pick up the rhythm of moving around the wheel of beads. Each prayer bead set is made up from eight sections representing the holydays of the wheel with a threshold bead between each section.

Threshold is one of my favorite words alongside liminal, edge walking…either will do. I especially enjoy observing the times between the holydays for they can be a new unexpected ground found between both. Depending on how we are and our outlook we can find undiscovered worlds in the thresholds. Each set of prayer beads weaves in a little of the magic of the season they were born in.

There will be new prayer beads in the coming weeks but get in touch if you want to sign up for a custom order set (antler, bear, wolf or selkie and a choice of beads). Get in touch here

Moonstone Antler Prayer Beads


Join the Faery Allies Conversations – Free

Come join us for a free event with lots of different speakers discussing their relationship with the Sidhe (Faeries). Growing up in a household which was half Irish and half Scottish there was lots of tales of the Good Folk and of course ‘do’s’ and ‘dont’s’ when concerning them.  This telesummit is a series of conversations with 20 featured presenters so there is something for everyone.

Why the Conversation?

The theme is about building a relationship between ourselves and the Sidhe, our Faery Allies. I’m looking forward to listening to them all and learn a thing or two when seen from a different perspective.

My Talk

I shall be discussing growing up in a Scottish/Irish household and the ritual and traditions of the Sidhe from when I was a child – from the custom of putting silver in a baby’s pram, to clootie trees and stories of friends who really did hear the scream of the Banshee!

It’s very important to consider what you call then and this will be another aspect i’ll be discussing.

As an artist and writer by relationship with the Good Folk has used the language of creativity and I’ll also be talking about grounding in your own heritage and tradition and considering our relationship through ritual as we move around the Wheel of the Year.

How It Works

Click on the Sign Up button below to register- there’s absolutely no cost to attend. If you can’t attend the talks as they go out live you’ll have access to each replay for 48 hours. Each call will be like a mini-class with guided meditations and good conversations. You can listen to the calls online, by phone, or via a mobile device, and free 48-hour replays
will allow you to listen at your convenience. The telesummit runs from Tuesday October 16- until Saturday 27th for two one-hour calls every weekday. A wonderful opportunity to put your feet up over a cup of tea and listen to inspiring conversations.


Sisterhood of the Antlers

Did you mark the moment yesterday when we stepped into the threshold? The moment which took us from the outward time of the year into the dark of the year, from summer to autumn.

This is an invitation to come journey the wheel of the year with us with the Sisterhood of the Antlers. At each holyday there will be an offering o a guided journey, a suggestion of a gesture of ritual as well as some art projects. The aim of this journey is to keep us grounded with the wisdom of our foremothers so we can weave the insights gained from them into our lives inspiring us to social and environmental activism through ways of creative and radical resistance against the dominating power structures.

Our journey starts with the gathering of the Sisterhood in their ritual of marking this great threshold of the year and we’ll continue our journey with them and the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland throughout the wheel.

This is a free journey with lots of opportunity to share your insights, thoughts and art.

Grandmother Bear Prayer Beads

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New prayer beads made under the waning moon as we approach the autumn equinox. I really like these new ‘Bear’ prayer beads. Autumn equinox is a time of balance and stillness before we make the descent into the dark of the year. It is an invitation for us to stop and evaluate how we really are. What things do we need to let go of and what things do we wish to take into the dark with us?

With working with the most ancient grandmothers and bear the first animal humans ever honored we enter into her great dreaming cycle with her, we call her cave home and can return there throughout the winter months when the franticness of the human world with its consumerism and endless distraction becomes too much. When we’re able to sink down to our roots we can weave the wisdom of bear into our lives.


Dance of the Goddess Clutha and the Sacred Waters of Loch Lomond

Irma’s Skirts

It’s a sunny morning here with a wonderful waning moon. It’s hard to imagine that hurricane Irma is on her way. While she will decrease in strength her path is predicted to head westwards and for us nestled in the mountains here in western NC we will experience the winds and rains of her outermost skirts.

Feast of the Sacred Waters

It’s been a watery week as the Feast of the Sacred Waters telesummit has launched and my talk on ‘The Dance of the Goddess Clutha and the Sacred Waters of Loch Lomond, Scotlandis now live for you to listen to.
The telesummit is free to register and you will be emailed details of each new talk as it’s added over the coming days. You’ll have continuous access to the talks for the next year or so so you can take your time and dip in and out.