New Dolls – Keening and Antlered Women!

The Keening Woman – click to view in online shop

These are the last dolls of the season before we shut the shop next week and get ready to pack our bags and head to Scotland for the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland Retreat! 

The Keening Woman

The keening woman was employed in Ireland and Scotland to grieve over the body as part of a death rite. Her role was to lead the communities grief for the person they were grieving and also to show the way home to the otherworld for the person that had died. Keening was always a woman’s role and goes back to an earlier pagan tradition and a shamanic role. Traditional keening (in the presence of a dead body) has long dies out yet has begun to flourish in an age where grief is taboo and is used in modern ceremonies for an entire host of reasons in which we see fit to release our grief not just for those who have died but for the state of the world. Click on the image above to view in the online shop.


She Who Whispers to the Deer – click on image to view in the online shop

She Who Whispers to the Deer

She comes from a time of ice, a time when great herds of reindeer crossed from mainland Europe across land to Britain. She is that energy of the reindeer running the ancient migratory paths. It was she who ran with the very first herd, guiding the leading female. She is protector of the reindeer and the long line of priestesses who followed. Click on the image above to view in the online shop.


Elen of the Ways – Click on the image to view in the online shop

Elen of the Ways

Elen of the Ways is an ancient British shamanic folklore figure. Elen wears antlers, which female deer do not have although female Reindeer do which links her back to the early people who followed the reindeer herds from Europe over to the UK before the great ice sheets melted and created the North Sea and resulted in Britain becoming an island.

Elen is the ancient Deer Goddess, an archetype of the land. The deer followed their pathways made over generations of migrations, often running along leylines. Elen offers insight into other worlds, to see between the worlds and to be that communicator between the realms. Click on the image to view in the online shop.


The Mother of all Retreats!

The Cailleach w url


Do you ever feel a deep longing – one your soul yearns to answer?
Come join us on a shamanic journey with the Ancient Mothers.
Pack your antlers, your drum, your passion, your grief¬†…

travelling altar

An altar to the Ancient Mother’s

Under skies of magical twilight we will shape-shift each night into our true selves – the ones who are fluent in magic and ritual and understand the language of the landscape, the birds, the four leggeds and all those we share our spaces with. We will come together in circle like generations of our foremothers did and stretch our roots down where we meet the Ancient Mothers. With stone and claw and water and antler we will dance between the worlds to the song of the universe – and renew each and every cell.
We will fill our baskets with that magic, let it inspire and shape us. Let that creative force move through us – through our souls and our hands.

Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 2.34.09 PM

With song and art, insight and silence we will let the Ancient Mothers talk, sit with them in circle and let them kindle our fires.


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