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Enjoy the Cailleach course at half price until the end of the year and explore: 

Her Great Age

Take a Virtual Pilgrimage to Her Sacred Sites

Examine Her Changing Story

Travel Down to Her Roots

Consider Her Role For Our Time

Build a Cailleach Altoid Tin Altar plus Guided Journey and Active Community


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A Gift From the Cailleach

As we approach Winter Solstice there are many wonderful tales to tell. Tales that have been shared around fires for thousands of years.I have been working a lot creating prayer beads and this is a rather special limited edition set inspired by the Cailleach. They were made on the day of the full moon and now in the time of the waning moon as we approach the Winter Solstice the white moonstone holds that magic of the stillness and quiet this time of year can offer if we step away from the maddening crowds and take our inspiration from the landscape whose tres and plants have returned deep down to their roots.

There is only one set left of these limited edition beads and they come as a Winter Solstice Bundle with a set of Cailleach cards and a small bottle o water from Allt Caillich, the stream of the Cailleach which runs by Tigh na Bodach, the shrine of the Cailleach which is said could be thousands of years old.

The guided meditation (see below) tells a little of what the Cailleach is up to these days.


If you’d like to take a journey with the Cailleach you can now take the Cailleach course as a go at your own pace course – you’ll have access to the materials for the next couple of years so ample time to revisit. Click on the image to read more and to register.

The Day of the Cailleach

Today is the Cailleach’s Day. In the old calendar this was the first day of the new year.

For those of us that follow the old ways and the wheel of the year we can see two sides of the crone in these last few weeks. The hag still whips up some spring snow showers and a frost you weren’t expecting that stomped the life of those little seedlings you were a little too eager to plant in the soil. By the next morning she is a far younger self and she cradles the colorful blooms and lifts the temperatures to the tune of the land is singing the song of spring.

This is the way it has been for thousands and thousands of years, it is only us that change the story and the meaning. We have told stories of an evil hag holding the maiden prisoner – those stories say more about our opinions of women and especially old women. I do not tell the stories of hags taking maidens prisoners, there is no evil and bitter old hag jealous of the young years youth and vitality.

For those of us who follow the wheel this time of the year is the great return – we have moved from the dark of the year and our inward focus to emerging back to the outside world and all its demands and tending. The hibernating bear and Persephone are both symbols of the return of life to the land. Persephone returning to her mother after her time in the dark with Hecate – the story of capture and rape have no place in my cosmology.


There are stories of the great Hag which tell us at this time of year she is called down to the shore. She needs to do this before any part of this world has awakened – before the song of the first bird and the hum of any insect. She makes her way down to the shore as she has done for countless cycles in order to renew herself submerged under the water. Water, since neolithic times has been imbued with life giving properties, similar to amniotic fluid it is the place where regeneration occurs (Gimbutus 2001). Water is the primordial source and so this otherworldly figure must return there in order to renew herself – a story we can see in tales such as her renewal in the Scottish Loch Ba. Submerged below the waves she is between the worlds, she belongs to the most ancient cosmologies and a mark of time more in tune with galaxies than our mark of days and hours. What happens below the waves is what happens to the land itself, it renews. It is part of the most ancient cycle o birth and lie, of death and renewal – the fuel of the wheel of the year.

The Eternal Dance

In some stories the Cailleach returns to the otherworld where there she renews herself at the fountain o youth and that younger self is Brighid. Who came first the hag or the maiden – we can’t have one with out the other. Myths are not something we can sift and sort for the are woven with mystery, they are part this world and part otherworld. Our age has tried to kill the old hag, many see her as being no longer relevant – which says far more about our society’s obsession with youth than it does of the old ways. This story of the crone falling down in a heap of bones is wonderfully told in the little film An Cailleach Bhearra, a tale of the demise of the female in a male world.

We have a host of stories to choose from with which to weave our own meaning – there is no right or wrong yet what storie we choose to live with says of how we each walk in this world.


The Online Cailleach Course

This online course offers five sessions – it begins by exploring the great age o the Cailleach and then we take a virtual pilgrimage to visit some of her sites in ireland before moving over to Scotland and visiting some of her sacred sites there. next we explore her changing stories which has morphed and changed over the generations before diving down into her folklore and seeing where that takes us. FInally we weave this journey all together and examine the role of this great crone for us today. There is also the invitation to create a small altar on this journey of exploration and a Facebook group for the course where you can share your insights and thoughts.



Gimbutas, Marija. 2001. The Living Goddess. University of California Press, USA.



The Cailleach Course – Last call to sign up!


The online Cailleach course, now in it’s second year launches this coming wednesday!


The depths, the research, the heart, the soul, the honoring of Cailleach is formidable and powerful!   It feels you heaved a large boulder from this Great Goddess, She stood stretch her old bones and turned to grin at you for remembering and uncovering her wisdom. I thank you for remembering!  Your medicine is a gift to this world, this world that so needs to remember Cailleach!  In deepest gratitude!  Reda R



The Cailleach – art doll

It’s not too late to sign up for the course – priced at just $38

Five sessions:

Explore her great age,

Her sacred sites,

Her changing story,

Explore the roots of her folklore and

Examine her role for our time.



Guided meditations

Story telling

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Creating a Cailleach Altar




A Costume for the Cailleach


‘At Samhuinn, the veil between the worlds draws thin and the spirits gather close to bear witness as the courts of Summer and Winter battle for control of the seasons. In her wild ecstasy of grief and sorrow, the Cailleach ushers the last breath os Summer’s opulent decadence into the beyond to make way for the icy storms of Winter’s dark reign’.                        Beltane Fire Society 

 cailleach-postersBeltane Fire Society’s posters

The Beltane Fire Societies events – Beltane & Sumhuinn in Edinburgh are not to be missed! The creativity, the dancing, the drumming – the ritual! Those were wild nights. These days my relationship with the crone has changed and shapeshifter as I too have. My reflection on the wheel is more of a women’s psychology – the wheel of my foremothers. There is room for all views of the wheel for we are not all from the same village.

This year the Beltane Fire Society’s Cailleach extends an invitation to send a fabric square which will be stitched together to make her costume which will be worn in their great ritual on Samhuinn night in Edinburgh.

Click here for the original post and mailing address (to Edinburgh, Scotland) 

I was stitching little keening dolls when I read this news. Intention woven into the fabric with each repetitive action – as i my hands were spinning new weaves which went out into the great web that connects all things. I so love this idea of a communally created gown and so if you miss the Scottish deadline I am more than happy to take strips of fabric (measuring 20cm x 10cm or 8 inches x 4 inches) which will be stitched together and worn at a Cailleach ritual in november – in the belly of the deep. The garment will be a shroud of sorts for the Cailleach – for she ushers in death in the winter months as without death there is no rebirth. if you’d like to send a intention or request with your fabric – you can roll it up in a scroll and it will be burnt on our dark need fire. Deadline for fabric – 20th October.

Contact me here for my address.