Goddess Brighid Prayer Beads – Fire, Snake and Brighid’s Mantle

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Goddess Brighid Prayer Beads with Carnelian 

The Goddess Brighid is a fire Goddess. When she was born it was reported that flames were leaping from the roof of her house. The uniqueness of Brighid’s fire is that is a fire of compassion rather than a flame that burns. The main carnelian stone of this prayer bead set represents Brighid’s fire for the stone holds a medicine of inspiring creativity and motivation. Another aspect of Brighid is transformation which we can see symbolized in the blacksmith’s anvil – taking raw materials and magically transforming them into practical tools which are also works of art. This prayer beads set with a combination of Brighid’s transformation aspect and the stones medicine of motivation offer a powerful tool to bring to whatever focus or situation in life that needs motivation, creativity, and transformation.


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Goddess Brighid Prayer Beads with Serpentine

The name serpentine comes from the Latin ‘serpentis’ meaning snake-like. before the modern Cathedral dedicated to Brighid in Kildrare, Ireland was the pagan site of Cill-Dara (church of the Oak). This earlier shrine devoted to the Goddess Brighid was the home of the perpetual flame – a fire which was attended by devotees of Brighid. It is written that the fire temple housed sacred snakes – a symbol of renewal. These snakes must have been specially brought into the temple as snakes died out in Ireland after the ice age.
Snakes are able to shed their skin, it may seem like they are dead but in shedding they renew themselves. The medicine of serpentine is a deep retrieval of wisdom – which we can gain as it is within us having passed down through the generations. We might recognize the scenario of when we are told something new, which completely resonates with us and it’s as if we already knew that information. These prayer beads offer the inspiration of Brighid and her connection to the snake in its magical process of renewal and the medicine of the stone itself in offering these accessing of ancient wisdom as well as being an inspiration in accessing deep meditation.

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Brighid Prayer Beads with Bloodstone

Brighid is known for her mantle which had magical qualities. It is a healing cloak that offers great comfort when it’s wrapped around you. This blue/green form of African Bloodstone offers the same qualities of all bloodstone, which are all a form of Jasper, which helps us in nourishing our roots allowing us to feel more comfortable in our own body.
This set of prayer beads offer working with the magic of Brighid’s mantle wrapped around us and the stone medicine of drawing courage from that protection and the confidence to face whatever it is we need to face in our lives while we remain grounded. The sea/green color also reminds me of the color of the sea off white sandy beaches in Scotland and Ireland.

A very cold may, Dog’s Bay, Roundstone, Country Galway with blue/green sea in the background


Celtic Soul Prayer Beads Symbolism

You can read more o the actual symbolism of the pattern of the Celtic Soul Prayer Beads here

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Brighid Art in the Shop….


Brighid ‘Brideog’ Doll – Click on image to view in shop




Brighid Altar Wall Hanging – Featuring protective Brighid’s wheel/cross and pocket for offerings – Click on image to view in shop


Brighid Altar Wall Hanging – With pocket for offerings & Brighid’s wheel/cross which offers protection to the house for the coming year. Click on the image to view in shop


Flame Haired Brighid in Red Velvet – with Brighid’s cross/wheel

Other Types of Wall Hangingsdeer-priestess-main

Deer Priestess – click to view in shop


Crow Wolf Priestess – click to view in shop

Weaving the Protection of Brighid – an online course


This week long Goddess Activation course introduces several traditional ways of invoking Brighid’s protection, from creating a Brighid’s Wheels to casting the Caim. You will explore each of the six aspects, learning the history and then adapting and integrating them into your daily life. Each lesson is a journey in building and deepening your relationship with the Goddess Brighid through study, altars, guided meditation and personal rituals.

This is a go at your own pace course.


Lesson 1

First we look at Brighid’s wheel (or cross). We explore its history and the different types of wheel. There are suggestions on what materials to use in the making of your own cross and some journal prompts to explore your relationship to the wheel.

Lesson 2

Our second lesson explores ‘smooring the fire’ prayers spoken softly as the fire was banked, keeping coal alive for the morning kindling. You’ll find suggestions in writing your own smooring and ways to fit it into your evening routine by crating a ceremony.


Lesson 3

Next we’ll look at the Caim a protective prayer and outline how to cast the Caim, which then becomes a prayer/blessings.

Lesson 4

Here we explore Charms and how they were used by the Wise Women. Prompts encourage you to write your own.

Lesson 5

A guided meditation takes you back to the ancient grandmothers, the ones we are all related to. This begins with a”weave of the cave” ritual and then some drumming to send you out on your journey.


Lesson 6

Here we explore the different types of Augury and in particular a type of Augury associated with Brighid.

Lesson 7

We cover clooties (often called Celtic prayer flags) how they are used and where they occur. You will learn a little history about the priestess of the well and ideas on creating your own clootie tree which you could incorporate into personal ritual.