The Folk Art Doll

black editedMagic. We all have it and each of us uses it differently. We balance magic, we attract it, we dispel it. We use our minds, we use tools, we use ritual, we use dolls. Some of us even turn it against our own selves without even knowing.

From the poppets of Scottish witchcraft to Vodou and Hoodoo dolls of these Appalachian hills, some stitch and sew and fill with sawdust, dirt and things of the earth.

This doll isn’t Scottish as she was born in Appalachia, inspired by the Hoodoo practitioners, the root workers and the folk magic grannies whose roots grow deep in this soil. Hoodoo’s roots are an impossible tangle, of African origin as much as European and native Cherokee influence. This is folk magic, folk magic of the people, magic of the people who are close to the earth.

red front

Although I’ve found a home here in Appalachia, Scottish soil is my home – a place for me that lies in the threshold. The threshold being not quite of this world and not quite of the other world.


We constantly move in and out of the threshold, that stillness before we awake each morning – it is our magic to wither we give thanks for a new day, or start the cursing that we forgot to buy coffee. The threshold lies in those magical hours between sunset and darkness, especially in northern latitudes where the light lingers and feeds the imagination. It was that twilight that gave birth to  Celtic spirituality, minds inspired and haunted in those hours between the worlds. There is very little between our reality and the otherworld, the otherworld isn’t off in some far off clouds, it swirls around us like a winter cloak.

red back

These folk art dolls were born of the threshold – not quite of this world or the other. Their pins remind us of the knots we weave around ourself, the magic we spin without even realizing! They are a focus for our intentions, wither they be to attract or shield – gathering what we need, protecting ourselves against unwanted energies, and helping us reflect it back to its source.

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Both dolls stand on average 8-9 inches tall. Both are priced $49 plus packing and shipping. I can create dolls with particular color combinations – email via the contacts page on this website.