Sisters of the Sidhe

Cailleach loch watermark

The Cailleach by Loch nam Ban Mora (The Loch of the Big Women)

There is a place far away from here that is very much out of time yet in time. From Loch Lomond I set of north and west via a train ride through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world – the West Highland Way. The route weaves through quite glens offering you views of lochs and impossibly high mountains where you can spot deer and buzzards from your seat on the train. Once arriving in Mallaig an hour ferry ride takes you over to Eilean nam Ban Mora, the Isle of the Big Women.

I have been to this isle a few times and yet even although it is only roughly 5 miles long and 3 wide there are still wondrous places I haven’t visited. On this trip I was definitely called by the Big Women. It is an island endowed with an ancient power, an ancient power rooted in the tradition of the wise women.

sisters of the sidhe

Now there are myths about the supernatural size of these original big women, yet big also means respected, well known, revered. Like the wells on this island, that people travelled many miles to visit for each was known for their distinct properties whose to say others didn’t travel in that time out of our time to visit the Big Women.

The Island holds the Body of Woman in its place names – from her shoulders, breast, throat, back and hip. These stories are woven into the land from a different era when beliefs reflected the great mother in the very land itself.

If the wind is right and the sun almost setting, or anywhere within the hours of light after the sun sets this is the time that this place comes alive. You can hear the chatter near the fairy knolls, and there is certain places where the sheep are running from and the wind picks up and you know your not welcome. And yet I’ve had other places clearly call me there.

loch of the bog women

The Loch of the Big Women

And yet I never felt alone there is always a sidhe in some from or another.

I’ll tell of some tales in the next few posts of abandoned villages, Holy Wells, Amazon Women and on meeting the Cailleach. Ancient tales which have been inverted and twisted and rewritten by Christian monks.

Laig sunset


The Singing Sands looking over to the Isle of Rum

Next post will be a tale of meeting a Cailleach….


An Ancient Mothers Circle

old dark one magoc

Magic of the Old Dark One

We gathered together in circle sharing stories of the ancient guardians of land that we love. Of places we call home, of places our souls have a longing for that are far away which we have an affinity with.  We lit candles for people that couldn’t be with us and candles for the girls around the world facing abuse at such young ages.

As the great wheel cycles around to Beltane we celebrated desire – a desire for those things our heart and soul yearns for, and with ears open wide we listened to our inner girl child.

This is the first circle (of many I hope) where I told the stories of the Ancient Mothers. Our guided meditation took us to the dark peaty waters of Loch Lomond. In the east we honored the Cailleach, the great creatrix. In the South where the Loch waters flow into the river Leven and then into the Clyde we honored Brighid in her bear form and all those ancient animals that only wander the land in spirit.

To the west we experienced water and the Goddess Clutha, she who takes many forms from ice of the great ice ages to mountain streams and mist and rain.

To the north we saw the great mountain of Ben Lomond with her roots stretching deep into the earth. Of the caves and burrows and the bones of our ancestors. Here in the north is the realm of the great antlered one, the old one she who wears a skeleton head of bygone reindeer.

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The sound of the drum was the horse that we traveled on as we journeyed between the worlds each woman off on her own adventure.

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We wove our stories into simple dolls made from sticks tied with yarn and wrapped in fabric. The dolls becoming a reflection of self that over time deepens the stories and our connection.

And we raised over $100 for Equality Now in the fight to end FGM and forced marriages.



Working with Our Ancestors

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The Guardian Ancestors Telesummit
 is a FREE multi-speaker event that will show 
you how to connect with your Guardian Ancestors 
to enrich your life and express your soul purpose.

There are 20 wonderful teachers coming together March 25 
though April 7 for two one-hour calls every weekday. 
There’s no cost to attend, and even if you can’t attend the 
talks live, you’ll get access to each replay for 48 hours.

Each call will be like a mini-class, 
complete with guided meditations. You’ll be able to listen to live calls online, 
by phone, or via skype, and free 48-hour replays
will allow you to listen at your convenience.

There is also lots of great bonuses if you sign up or the upgrade package – which will include a booklet on how to work with dolls

Are you interested in learning more about working with ancestors?

In my talk I’ll be discussing working with creativity and doll making, how we co-create with spirit.
I’ll share stories how I found my path by way of the drum and trance and what personally I find as the most effective ways of connecting to the old ones. 
As well as the blood and bone ancestors i’ll be discussing our role as living, or future ancestors. 

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Click here to register for this free event

St Patricks Day Fundraiser – 3/17 in West Asheville

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Take the Highroad to West Asheville

& join us for a St Patricks Night gathering!

at ASHH (Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism), 2 Westwood Pl, West Asheville28806. 7 till 10pm.

DWT_Beth-and-Jim-Magill_Intersections-Sing-Together_Photo-by-Mozingo-Photography (3)

Music from Beth & Jim Magill (of the Swannanoa Gathering)

As well as music we’ll have storytelling a sing-a-long to ‘The Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond’ and hear the ancient story of the high road and the low road

The evening is a fundraiser for my pilgrimage and research trip home to explore

‘The Ancient Mothers of Loch Lomond’ 

Celtic Music



silent auction

beerBeer from Highland Brewing

(free beer with $10 entry)

click here for the facebook event page



New dolls. Brighid and Wise Women from Celtic Lands

small front edit with textclick to view doll on Etsy

Brighid, once the Great Goddess – from which everything came and then returned to in death. Patron of the hearth, creativity, justice and healing. Goddess of perpetual flame who ignites the fire of inspiration in our head, the fire of passion in our hearts and warms our hands in her work that we carry out in community.

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She is the Wise Woman of her people. It is she who dances between the worlds and petitions the spirits in asking where they should go to move camps, where will they find the Reindeer herds. It is she who brings new life into this world, holds the ceremonies and guides the rituals of life and then is there to midwife those lives on their journey onto the otherworld, back to the Great Mother.

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This doll represents a heritage for many people. A symbol of longing for something we might never have experienced yet still our soul yearns for. This might be a different life with a peoples who had a very different outlook. It might be a calling, an ancestral yearning, a longing.