Sacred Spirit Dolls


Last weekend I submerged myself in a weekend of crafting, in the mountains of Hot Springs. I met up with a good friend and amongst the songs of the tree frogs, soaring temperatures and the lush forest we gathered wool to create a sacred spirit doll.

Spirit dolls are ancient, magical and to me part of their essence is having the potential to hold something scared of ourselves. In creating our doll we can bring an awareness to the source that created us that ancient spirit we all give different names to – god, goddess, source, mystery.

With Our hands Spirit Doll workshop

Dolls help us set our intentions for change. One aspect I find them helpful in when I run workshops is that it’s  ok to ask for what we need, in fact we need to ask for what we need or else we become stagnant. The doll can serve as a reminder of awareness  to remind us to connect and set intentions for what we need as ultimately we become more balanced and grounded for both ourselves and those around us.

With Our hands Spirit Doll workshop