An Introduction to the Cailleach – an invitation


The great Hag extends a boney hand – an invitation to take a journey with the oldest figure of pre-Celtic myth.

In this course we will explore:

  • Her Great Age
  • Pilgrimage to 3 Irish and 4 Scottish of her sacred sites
  • Examine why her story has changed over time
  • Explore her folklore looking for clues of her origins
  • Consider her role for our times

Through the Eye of the Cailleach

With art, altar building (step by step each week), guided meditations and community to explore your insights, thoughts and inspiration….

Click below for more information & registration. Pre-registration is open with the first session starting 10/27. 


Cailleach Course just $30 for February

cailleach bonesThe Cailleach wasn’t always the Crone of winter, her myth, just like Brighid’s, has morphed and changed over the years. In this 5 session online course we explore the great hag’s age as she has no known genealogy. We take a pilgrimage to some of her sacred sites in Ireland and Scotland. We explore her folklore which leads us back thousands of years to Old Europe. As we listen to her stoires, ¬†take a guided meditation and shamanic journey we finally question her role for our time?

The discounted price of $30 is being extended for the month of february

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