She who Calls the Deer

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¬†She Who Calls the Deer is calling to our primal selves, the wild woman our culture tries to make us forget, suppress. She is the wise woman and female shaman and she mirrors the wise woman and shaman in you. You are after all a living breathing integral part of nature. She is a celebration of that and of all the mystery in it’s cawing, wriggling, soaring, swimming, dancing glory.

She calls the deer – those timid dark eyed creatures – wise women, priestesses of the great primal deer goddess. She calls those shape shifters who in a blink of an eye shift rom deer form back again to human. They are the priestesses, who dance and sing between the worlds, priestesses of the great ancient creatrix, the deer goddess.

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If you hear the whispers of She Who Calls the Deer then she is beckoning you into the great mystery, leading you on the path of the wise woman, the female shaman….will you answer her call?

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Celtic Soul Craft will be holding a day to explore the Deer Goddess, click here for further details…


The Keeper of Water

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This doll is a Sidhe doll, an expression of the energy of the land. Merionydd is a guardian of water (the meaning behind the symbol painted on her face). She sings the ancient songs, calling in the rainclouds from the Atlantic, drawing them down onto the land filling up tributaries and streams that flow into the loch. Water is the lifeblood of the people.

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