Dark Moon ‘sacred art’ Circle

dark moon banner Collage

This circle will resume in the fall

Location: Woodfin (5 mins from Downtown Asheville). Sliding scale suggested donation $15-$40

Next gathering: Tuesday 06/16 7-9.30

previous gatherings:

Sunday 05/17. 2.30 – 5.30.

Women have naturally bled at the time of the dark moon, although today with our explosion of light sources we can bleed at various times of the month. The dark moon and menstruation is associated with many taboos, whose original meaning is to make sacred.

By gathering in circle our intention is to sacralize the dark moon. It is a time to journey inwards, a time for intentions and vision. In this circle we will meet and share some thoughts around this cycle, wither we still bleed or are making or have made the transition to no longer bleeding and the initiation into crone.

After a gathering in circle we will share what this cycle means to us and then with guided meditation and live drumming I will lead you towards a shamanic journey. Then there will be time to record our impressions – in journalling or art and then we will share our experience.

Our sacred art is not something that might make sense to you straight away, the practice is that we will consider it’s meaning over the coming days and keep that dialogue with the divine open – looking for signs and syncronicities that speak to our intention.

While art materials are provided please bring a journal if you have one and any personal blankets or cushions you wish to use.

Please email me at celticsoulcraft (at) gmail.com to reserve your space. Numbers are limited to 6.

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