Deer Goddess Retreat


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08/23. 3.30pm – 10.30pm. 12 miles from Asheville. $85 and $75 for Celtic Soul School members

Location: Private Mountain Retreat, 12 miles NW of downtown Asheville (overnight accommodation available).

* This workshop is now full. Please contact me via the contact page if you are interested * 

‘Healing ourselves from Patriarchy is an ongoing process, after all we live in a culture that denies a woman’s very perception of reality’. Vicki Noble,  Shakti Women.

We will gather in sacred circle, exploring who the Deer Goddess is, sharing stories of where she is found and examining what she means to us and how we can bring that meaning into our lives.  We’ll explore her roots as well as her relationship with the Cailleach and Elen of the Ways and considering the first people who venerated her – the people who followed the great Reindeer herds into Britain from mainland Europe. You will receive a study pack one week before the workshop full of additional reading (which your not required to read) but it would be interesting to share our favorite aspects of the Deer Goddess in our story sharing. We will explore these aspects through guided meditation as well as shamanic journeying and ceremony.


‘Lady of the Ways’ by Chesca Potter

Singing the bones back to life

We will create an antlered headdress for our ceremony, which will take place within a stone circle around a fire (we will carry out our ceremony whatever the weather!).

As we make our antlered headdresses we will consider how we have a choice in our daily decisions, how we can co-create with the feminine divine. As she brought the world into being we birth a new world with her at the centre and within every living thing – for all is infused with spirit.

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Dancing between the Worlds

While we will co-create our ceremony together, working out what role we each take there will be a host of possible options to choose from but the group will be free to create this ceremony together. Ideas include releasing all the negativity that our culture lays down which takes us away from our true selves, our wild being – and throw them into the fire. We could sing over the bones of the Deer Goddess, acknowledging her existence as divine feminine within all living things, including ourselves. Then we could dance the bones into being, bringing the wild woman in us back to life – so we can continue/begin to cultivate a stronger relationship with her.

We also have the option for a trance dance, where we can dance between the worlds, holding our personal intentions, a chance to dance to bring the bones mother to life, the wild woman, the voices that have been silenced.

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After our ceremony we will share some food as well as sharing our experiences, and grounding deep into the taproot of this ancient spiritual bedrock before we take the days inspirations out into the world.


Our location is an inspiring private retreat 12 miles from the centre of Asheville. It offers wonderful views, glorious peace and quiet as well as a stone circle. There is the possibility to stay overnight after the retreat, allowing you the time to dwell in your thoughts and experience and start the day nice and slow. Overnight stay is $50 with a noon checkout (if your interested let me know as booking is made separately).




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