Fire in the Head. Brighid as Shaman. Imbolc Retreat 2015

 fire in the head

Exploring the shamanic aspects of the Goddess Brighid

Sat 7th 10.30-5.30 and sunday 8th 10.30-1.30February, 2015.  Woodfin (5 mins from Downtown Asheville, NC). $125
*  This retreat is now full – please get in touch if you wish to be notified of any cancellations* 

We will explore Brighid in her shamanic aspects, through fire, creativity and protection as well as celebrating her in particular to women’s mysteries. We will examine the inspiration we receive through art and journeying not just on a personal level but what messages it brings us for our communities and even on a global level.

Preliminary reading will be provided a week before the retreat and a handout provided on the sunday.



  • Druid filidh – their role, practices and ritual – relating them to their goddess, Brighid
  • Brighid as threshold goddess
  • Fire in the head – Sacred foods
  • Brighid’s perpetual flame
  • The qualities of Brighid’s flame

Shamanic journeying

With guided meditation and live drumming we will journey to explore the essence of Brighid’s flame as well as another journey exploring the animals associated with Brighid.



The making of shamanic art is a way of ritually coming into contact with the spirits of the unseen world and enlisting their support in our lives‘ V Noble.


  • Exploring the importance of creativity to the Celts
  • Dismantling the ‘I’m not artistic’ statement
  • Shamanic art

Shamanic art

We will create a Brideog doll (the basic doll figure will be provided). Will all embellishments will also be provided, participants will be asked to collect found objects leading up to the class. Instructions will also be given in how to prepare any fabric out in an Imbolc ritual, so to bless the cloth.

We will end the day with a second shamanic journey, exploring the animals associated with Brighid. Information around this will be sent out before the course and there will be a guided meditation before the shamanic journey.We will end the first day of our retreat with a shared meal and sharing the aspects of our journey.


  • We will gather together in circle again and sharing the moments that really resonated with us from yesterday.
  • We will explore Brighid’s protection through prayers and carry out one of her rituals.
  • We will end the day with a small ceremony with a clootie tree and a Brighid song – with participants adding their own aspects to the ending ceremony.
  • We will close the retreat with a final sharing.

To book your place on this retreat please use the paypal button below, or use the contact page if you wish to pay by check. Price for the two days is £125

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