Carrying the Flame

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Sunday 31st Jan 2016. 11-3.30

Location: Ten mins from downtown Asheville. Directions will be given on booking

Suggested donation $35


Brighid’s flame means different things to different peoples. She is a fire goddess and yet her flames never burn. Her flames are the flames of compassion, justice and creativity. They represent the heart, hearth, the wise woman tradition, transformation with the spark of the forge, sacred fires burning and many other meanings.

Let’s gather in circle and add our precious items to the Imbolc altar. We’ll share our favorite stories about Brighid and whats she means to us personally.

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Brighid’s Daughters

We are all Brighid’s daughters. To the sounds of live drumming we will take a shamanic journey to the Cave of the Grandmothers, to those wise womyn we all descend from. We will join them in ceremony in the cave and make our preparations to dance between the worlds and discover how they, Brighid and ourselves are so tightly woven together.

ppaper cross

Paper Brighid’s wheel by Susan Gaylord

In silence, meditation and art we will explore our journey and any insights or feelings it stirred. We will also the acknowledge the dark of Imbolc, the uncertainty Brighid’s Protection acknowledging those feelings within us and we will write them out in words or symbols on a paper wheel. In the northern lands of Brighid it seems as if Imbolc ushers in a deeper darkness, a time of uncertainty, of feeling unsure which is as relevant today as it was to our ancestors. While they might have faced running out of food – we too have our worries of paying the heating bill and generally feeling unsure in so many aspects of our life. This is ok, this is Imbolc.

After a sharing of our experience over tea and soda bread we will gather corn husks and wool and around the table we will make a Brideog corn dolly. We’ll share stories of how the Brideog doll was used and talk about the sacred creativity of doll making.

Brighid’s Protection

Brighid offers so many aspects of protection that we can weave into our lives. We will study the Caim and add our own words, practice the rite of casting the Caim, which we can perform throughout the year whenever we return to this feeling that is Imbolc.

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Brighid Corn Dolly by Jude Lally

Brideog doll

In the afternoon we will create a Brideog doll from our Bhrat (the fabric) we left out overnight. We will learn about the traditions surrounding the Brideog doll and use them in ritual where we draw down the divine into our doll – a rite that has been carried out for hundreds of years.

Information pack

You’ll also receive  printed sheet of Brighid related links and articles as well as details of laying out of the Bhrat which you might want to do before our gathering.

Spaces are limited so please email me celticsoulcraft (at) to reserve a spot.