Through the Eye of the Cailleach

Through the Eye of the Cailleach

Saturday 26th November 10.30 – 5.30pm 2016.

By the end of November the pumpkins have started to rot, the costumes discarded and the decorations back in their box. The majority of ancestral souls have returned to where they dwell. The world is quiet, dark and it is time to answer the souls calling and journey into the cave. As nature draws her energy down to the roots it is natural for us too to turn inwards as it is here in the dark that we can best tend to our soul life. This retreat gathers in the foothills of the Appalachians in sacred  circle as the overhead moon wanes from crone into the dark moon.

The Cailleach is sometimes described as having a great third eye in the middle of her forehead. Through this eye she can see through all time and space, her great insight her primal  intuition. She sees all that causes havoc in our world. We will draw on her wisdom and activate our own third eyes so we can see afresh into our own lives and see the cause and effects that we might otherwise be blind to.


An Invitation….

Will you allow yourself some slowing down this winter. Come, come join us in the cave. Drop your baggage by the entrance. You are welcomed here, wrapped up in a bear skin, given a seat by the fire and a mug of steaming herbal tea. This is the soul cave where many, many women have traveled in the deep. Are you comfortable in the dark like sitting with an old friend or does it scare you as if monsters are hiding in the corners?

In our morning circle we will  gather in circle sharing some stories about the Cailleach and add personal items to our Ancestor altar for our time together.


Cailleach doll

A  guided meditation will introduce us to  the priestesses of the Cailleach and live drumming will invite you on a shamanic journey travelling with our own personal intentions. We will have a period of silence for journey reflection, art, collage or writing.

In the afternoon we will create our Cailleach doll (see the above image for example) she will be made through a needle felt process which is easy to learn and suitable for complete beginners. We will also add special features such as bags and pockets which can hold sacred items and intentions. While all art materials are provided you may wish to bring special personal embellishments (more details on this will be provided after booking confirmation).

In our closing circle we will share our experiences of the Cailleach as well as discussing how we weave our relationship with the Cailleach into our lives.

Jude Lally photoYour Facilitator

Jude has been listening to the voices of the Old Ones ever since she was able to scramble up the local hills above Loch Lomond, on the west coast of Scotland.

Jude is an artist, writer and ritualist. Her work focuses on the wise women ways, of women’s mysteries and employing shamanic tools to heal the damaging split modernity has created between ourselves and nature, which only exists in our mind. Through women’s circles, ritual and ceremony she builds ways to approach our ancestors with sacred intention and lets those insights and inspiration flow through us in creative ways allowing it to nourish us and let it root it in our lives, our circles and communities.

Cost & Booking

Workshop cost is $87 which includes all art materials





If you can’t make the workshop you can always join the online course at a go at your own pace – click in the image above for details. You’ll have access to the materials online for a year.