Working with the Wise Womyn: Shamanic Doll Making

doll Collage mainWorking with the Wise Womyn: Shamanic Doll Making

Saturday 12th march 2016. Whittier, NC. Open to invitees only. 10.30-6pm
  • This workshop is now full. Please email me if you are interested as I am planning to offer it in Asheville in March – email me at celticsoulcraft (at) *

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We have created dolls for thousands of years. Carved them in stone and bone, wrapped twigs in furs and adorned them with feathers and painted them with ochre. It’s only within recent history that dolls have been given to children as playthings. I call myself a radical doll maker as I am inspired to take the practice back to its roots, it’s roots of of intention, magic and ritual.

In this workshop we will gather together in sacred space and share a story of something that intrigues us about dolls, maybe sharing a photo of an ancient stone Goddess figurine or something more modern – even a doll which we grew up with. Throughout the day we will discuss how to work with dolls – from creating our own personal intention, being present with that essence as we co-create our doll  and adding meaningful fabrics and adornments.

Journeying Between the Worlds

In the morning we will journey between the worlds with guided meditation & shamanic journey (to live drumming) holding our intention for our doll. We will have time to reflect on our journey impressions and share this with our group.


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This workshop is suitable for beginners. There will be full instruction on needle felting and the tools we use. Please note the nature of needle felting using lots of repetitive hand movements – in case this is an issue. We will cover techniques to minimise strain to the hand, arm and shoulder. While all materials are provided your are invited to bring any special fabrics or jewelry that you might want to use with your doll.

An email will be sent to all participants with an option of recommended reading (although not required) and a handout will be given out at the workshop. There are some links below to ancient mother figurines and art doll collections as well as further information about the workshop facilitator.

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Your facilitator

Jude Lally is a doll maker, writer and storyteller working with the energies of our ancient ancestors. The role of her dolls is transforming from wool and fabric into sacred vessels of the divine. She works with this sacred connection to create sacred space in which participants can make their own connections through shamanic journeying and guided meditation. She values the community aspect of sharing those insights so we can inspire one another. Jude has a Masters degree in Human Ecology and her passion is to reconnect and rejuvenate those ancient energies within us by bringing some of that wonder and inspiration into the present and weave it into our daily lives.


The cost of this workshop is $79 (plus PayPal fee – total is 81.59)





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Ancient Goddess figurines

A Collection of Art Dolls 

Dolls by Jude Lally