Imbolc 2017


Grounding with the Wise Woman

Doll Making & Stone Medicine

Imbolc Retreat

East Asheville Fri 2/3 7-9.30pm & Sat 2/4 10am – 5.30pm


Imbolc is the festival of the Celtic Goddess Brighid, a triple Goddess made up of Brighid and her two sisters, together  they are a powerful force whose values lie rooted in healing, transformation & social justice.

The feeling of Imbolc is a fragile one, we often experience feeling uncertain and unsure. This could be related to the thousands of generations before us who felt unease at this time of year as there was great threats that the firewood and food supplies were running low. We can experience this unease of Imbolc throughout the year and even more so with our political climate threats on our environment which affects women, animals and the land who are all seen as resources to be used.

We recognize that we can feel powerless against these energies and this retreat is a reminder of the power of women. We come together in circle to learn the tools which have been part of the Wise WOmen tradition for thousands of years – and the power of dreaming, of journeying between the worlds and sharing our insight and inspirations with each other.

So in tapping into the great legacy of the Goddess Brighid, her traditions, doll making and stone medicine create powerful tools to inspire us in the essential work each of us does in this world. 



What do you get in return for your investment? 


  • Understanding of the Wheel of the Year as related to a women’s psychology
  • Participation & learning in several Imbolc traditions from welcoming Brighid into our lives, the Caim (protective prayer), working with Brighid’s wheel, traditional songs and others
  • Receive an emailed workshop pack with instructions for an Imbolc ritual pre-retreat


poppet-doll-collageDoll Making

  • An introduction to the ancient tradition of doll making & the significance of the Imbolc Brideog doll
  • Making your own Brideog doll (style of doll pictured above)
  • How to work with dolls
  • Combine stone medicine with doll making



Stone Medicine

  • A basic understanding of what stone medicine entails
  • A kit of four stones, inspiration for how to use them, and experiences with each of them during the workshop
  • An understanding of how you can use stones to support you as you travel around The Wheel of the Year
  • Stone elixirs will be available during the class (and are of course optional to partake in)
  • The option to incorporate stone medicine into your doll making experience



We will also participate with some traditional Brighid songs, working with Brighid’s wheel (cross) and a guided meditation and shamanic journey to combine several aspects of our weekend as well as time for art, personal time to help integrate our insights and inspirations.

Your Facilitators

Jude Lally photo






Jude Lally

Jude is an artist, writer and ritualist. Her work focuses on the wise women ways, of women’s mysteries and employing shamanic tools to heal the damaging split modernity has created between ourselves and nature, which only exists in our mind. Through women’s circles, ritual and ceremony she builds ways to approach our ancestors with sacred intention and lets those insights and inspiration flow through us in creative ways allowing it to nourish us and let it root it in our lives, our circles and communities.







Jessica Sparks-Mussulin

As a Herbalist and Stonalist, Jessica realizes that our healing comes from within and no one can do that work for us. She teaches others to care for themselves and connect to their nature spirit intuition, remember how to heal, and find the plants and stones each person needs to go into themselves and heal themselves. Click here to visit her website

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-12-22-23-pmRetreat Location

Our home for the weekend is the Heron House in Riceville Valley near Warren Wilson Collage. The house and surrounding property is designated women’s space and is a unique location for the stillness the place offers – with a walking labyrinth and lake you will have time to soak in the stillness and be on the land. We can offer accommodation to women who wish to stay over on the friday evening for a $50 fee (please email us separately about that at judelally (at)

  • Please note that accommodation at the retreat location is now full. 


The Imbolc Retreat is Now Full. Please use the contact page if you’d like to be places on the waiting list. 


The cost for this weekend retreat is $165 with an earlybird booking price of $149 if you book by 25th January

Early booking price of $149 until 25th January





Regular price of $165 booking after 26th January