Samhain Retreat

Please note due to unforeseen circumstances this retreat has had to be cancelled

* All payments will be fully refunded. 

The Dark of the Year

The Autumn Equinox marks the beginning of the descent into the dark months and so by Samhain we are fully submerged into the dark of the year. While the equinox brings us descent stories – such as Persephone’s descent to live with her grandmother Hecate in the underworld and the story of the bear preparing for hibernation by Samhain we are fully submerged in the dark of the year. Our path through the dark of the year is one which takes us through an ancient pilgrimage through Autumn Equinox, Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc until we emerge at Spring Equinox when light and dark are balanced again. The dark is a journey, it is also a personal journey. There is the ancient natural story of the dark of the year – of plants and trees returning back to their roots and the great cycle of death and rebirth.

Our modern story of the dark of the year is very different – it’s a world which switches on many lights in order to banish the darkness and distracts us with a frenzy of consumerism. We can find ourself unrooted – our bodies craving rest and reflection while our outward lives involve what can often be stressful family gatherings and celebrations. This weekend we will work with the ancient story of the dark and what it teaches us as well as how to support ourselves through these dark times and the ongoing darkness mirrored ecological and social injustices.

Samhain Dawn at the Stone Circle

Supporting ourselves in the Dark Months

This weekend we do what women have done for countless generations – we gather together in circle. We share stories as we learn from each other and inspire each other.


Highlights of this Retreat

Receive a set of stones to work with

Create your own Ancestor Holder (art project)

Storytelling Circle

Guided meditation & otherworld journey

Honoring Ancestors

Exploring self care past ‘bubble bath and candles’

Gestures of personal ritual and ceremony

An evening ceremony amongst a standing stone circle

Curl up on the sofa for movie night & popcorn


Your Facilitators


Jude Lally

Jude is an artist, writer and ritualist whose work focuses on carrying the ancient stories the wise women ways and of women’s mysteries. Through women’s circles, ritual and ceremony she builds ways to approach our ancestors with sacred intention and lets those insights and inspiration flow through us in creative ways allowing it to nourish us and let it root it in our lives, our circles and communities.

Jude’s Offerings:

  • A Guide to the dark Months of the Wheel of the Year in Relation to the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland
  • Guided Meditation & Otherworld Journey
  • Create a Fibre Art Ancestor Holder (a fibre art vessel to adorn with your own personal ancestral talismans and symbols)


Jessica Sparks-Mussulin

As a Herbalist and Stonalist, Jessica realizes that our healing comes from within and no one can do that work for us. She teaches others to care for themselves and connect to their nature spirit intuition, remember how to heal, and find the plants and stones each person needs to go into themselves and heal themselves. 

Click on the image above to visit her website

Stone Medicine Offerings

  • A basic understanding of what stone medicine entails
  • A Dark of the Year Stone Kit
  • Time to create your own personal ritual around your intentions for the dark months and assemble your own glass apothecary necklace

Retreat Location

Our home for the weekend is Britanny’s Mountain Retreat which is just 12 miles from downtown Asheville. This private retreat sits on 5 acres of land and offers many options to take time out and relax.

We can offer accommodation to women who wish to stay over on the Friday and/or Saturday evening at $50 per evening – please email us at judelally (at)

Misty morning at the stone circle

Work Trade

We are offering a work trade position for one woman, which includes Saturday night accommodation. Duties involve Friday preparation, assisting in activities and organizing meals – please get in touch if your interested via judelally (at)

Application for the work trade position is now closed – thanks to all that applied.